Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Meanderings about God

When Leah asked if I had ever felt the presence of God and where it set me to thinking.....
I don't know where this post is going exactly but I'd be happy for you to meander through it with me.

I wondered, if I believe in an ever present God, why would I sometimes feel His presence and sometimes not?
Must I choose to recognise a divine presence or does He decide when I should be aware of Him? or is it a bit of both?

I thought too, about my answer that I have most often had a powerful sense of God in church. I have long been aware that a sense of God's presence is created by the leader of worship and I briefly wondered whether it was not God I had sensed but that I had been caught up in some theatrical moments. I was really fascinated by this question for a little while. There is no doubt that a well crafted church service is, in a way, a piece of theatre. Careful choices of scripture complemented by the right music and well delivered preaching are a powerful combination. Ultimately though I think it is the job of the leader to create a sense of awe, of reverence, of His power. In the same way that a film might help an audience to relate to a particular historical event, a church service might help us to understand God and as the film wouldn't exist without the history neither would the theatre of liturgy exist without the God it seeks to glorify.

If God is love
If God is beauty
If God is justice
if He is mercy
if He is peace
if he is joy, patience, kindness, goodness.....

and if I remember that all of these things are God, I should feel a sense of His presence every time I see one of these qualities, His qualities.

The conclusion I seem to be coming to is that just as in our human relationships there are moments of extraordinary connection, there are moments that bring us to our knees through insane passion or exquisite tenderness or sidesplitting hilarity, there are also less dramatic times of everyday togetherness and it is like that with God. If I am open to it I can get a grand sense of an awe inspiring presence but if I keep my eyes and ears open I can have a less dramatic but more continuous sense of the Big Fella right alongside me.

Have you ever felt God's presence? Tell me about it?


  1. I've been back here three times to reread this very moving and personal post. I've got so much to say on this topic.

    I'll return...

  2. Hi Kylie,

    I believe I have felt that presence. It's very comforting and helpful.

    Best wishes,


  3. I think He was sitting here right beside while I read this post. I, like Leah, have read it a few times.

    He is all those things....


  4. hey leah,
    even if i post again before you get back here i'd love to hear your thoughts so just comment away and i'll be back too


  5. hey skeeter
    it seems you're not keen to elaborate but if you have a story to tell i'd love to hear it

    best wishes

  6. Ms goob !
    i guess He was sitting there, i'm glad you took time to notice.

    thanks for dropping by


  7. Whew. I don't know if I'm ready to share. But I'm sure thinking. Thank you for this post, Kylie.

  8. hey megan,
    this isn't a question or a post for everyone but you know, if you like it, you do and if not there'll be something else coming up....

  9. Kylie,
    How about King George V1 of Great Britain's favourite hymn sung so often in WW2.

    SASB 670 v3
    I need thy presence every passing hour;
    What but thy grace can fail the temter's power?
    Who like thyself my guide and stay can be?
    Through cloud and sunshine, O abide with me!

    Unlike so many contemporary "songs" this one can actually be classifiedunder the Means of Grace ;;; Evening.

  10. God is good.
    And so was this post.

  11. He is indeed, joe!

    thanks for dropping by


  12. I love you darling. I just came from talking to Hillary, so you know my frame of mind.

    I'm not religious, but do believe God is in my life. I don't see god as a male, I see God as everything and often feel his/her/its presence in the most mundane things. For instance, I'll ask God to protect me as I feed the squirrels and birds, "Please don't let me trip, fall and die because T-Bone's turkey is cooking!" "Let me get to the park in one piece." "Let me get home safely." "Please help me take care of all these animals." "Please help me be a better person." I honestly believe God is listening. I do. And I don't think God cares how smart I am, or how well I write, because I'm not that smart and I don't write well, God simply cares that I care and make an effort every single day.

    The most beautiful memory of God's presence was standing in the woods one day feeding the ferals and looking up at the sky through all the trees and feeling as if I was in a cathedral. I honestly believe God was with me that morning. I have never felt so humbled.

    I love you darling. And thanks for everything.


  13. hey suze,
    the cathedral of the trees is always a wonderful one.
    i have to agree that God is more than a "he" but old habits die hard and nothing else feels right to me.....
    i'm pleased you talk to Him and feel that presence, He's interested in everything about us so He's mighty helpful to have around.

    lots of love


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