Wednesday, 31 December 2008

hey all!!

just a quickie tonight, it's new years eve and we have an hour to go. i worked today, got breath tested, got annoyed with the self -serve checkouts at the supermarket and went to my brother's place for a new years barbeque. met a cool young couple there, watched some distant fireworks from the back deck ....

it was great but i was worried about the Taffster, home alone, with fireworks all around and having been tied up for a number of hours.

so now i'm here, ushering in the new year with my dog and my son and the computer. there's a small party across the road, laughter and conversation drift across, fireworks pop in the distance and i'm at peace with the world.....

i want to wish you all a blessed 2009. in trying to think of something to wish you for the new year i found this irish blessing which is my hope for you.

May there always be work for your hands to do.

May your purse always hold a coin or two.

May the sun always shine on your window pane.

May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain.

May the hand of a friend always be near you.

May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

lots of love




  1. Love and happy new year to you and yours dear Kylie!

  2. Wow, that was an awesome blessing. Thanks Kylie.

  3. Thanks Kylie! Happy New Year!

  4. We've another 4 hours to go until New year- may the words of your blessing revisit you and your family- Happy New Year!

  5. Kylie,

    Like the Irish blessing. Having been to Northern Ireland I think I appreciate the poet's request for the sun to shine on the window pane!

  6. You got breath tested?

    Okay, 1 hour left for me. Happy New Year!

  7. hey bri, i wondered if you americans would understand that !

    its the DUI test

    get waved over, count to ten in a machine, show your licence & go

    i drove for 17 years without ever being tested then had two in three weeks. that was a coupla years back

  8. Never been breath tested. I think I'm protected by German cars! German's don't drink. Right? What?

    T-Bone has never been "tied-up." Wouldn't even know the concept, and no, would never survive 4th of July or anything for that matter with fireworks or loud noise without lots of love and support. So we all woke up just before midnight to lots of noise. Bastards! So here I am writing to all of you in the wee hours of morn. Would I prefer to be sleeping? Yup!

    I love how you love your dog. You're a good woman. And Kylie, I love how you love me. Thank you my darling friend for your email. I love you so very much. 2009's going to be a very intersting year. I'm looking forward to it with great anticipation because after 2008, nothing could be worse!!! Today, I bury 2008. Thank you for your constant support and love.

    I wish you and your family (including animal companions) the very, very best in 2009. I look forward to seeing the kids grow and you blossom.

    I love you with all my heart,
    Me XO

  9. suze,
    for the record, i hate tying him up but he has broken thru the extra fencing that was supposed to contain him and if he gets out he could get hurt or end up at the pound. either way it's no good....

  10. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  11. iv

    my bad self rocks on very happily every chance i get!


  12. That was lovely. Thanks Kylie!


    This year is gonna ROCK...or else! (what, I'm not sure).


  13. Happy New Year, Sweet Friend!

    I have regained my internet connection (repeater finked out in the chilliness of the season). So wonderful to visit here and receive such a fabulous blessing.

    I double it and send it back your way! : D


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