Friday, 2 January 2009

At this time of year the setting sun always lights up this Robinia tree in our neighbours yard. It never fails to catch my eye, whether the sky behind is clear blue or overcast and almost white or, in this case, blackened by an approaching storm.

I'm not sure that this photo does it justice.....

maybe over the next few weeks I'll make it a project to get a series of shots.


I think this cropped version is closer to the dramatic impact of the actual scene.


  1. Hi Kylie!

    Please do get those shots if you can. I'd like to see.

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi kylie,
    More photos please.
    We had a lovely rainbow here early evening yesterday. It started with one rainbow and Mark took a photo of it but the camera was not co-operating and Mark had to ask our tech savvy daughter what was wrong with the camera. Helen looked pushed this button and that then said it's working now. By this time the rainbow had faded. after five or so minutes went by i looked out to see another rainbow had developed. Took the photo but it looked bleached out on the camera than what it was to the naked eye.

  3. Hey Kylie.
    It looks lovely. There are some plants in my garden which I wait for all year- and when they finally show, they never cease to make me smile! The anticipation is almost as good as the final bloom :)

  4. Hey Kylie,
    First off, I"m sorry for not being here for the past few weeks. Things have been so hectic. Thanks for the happy holiday wishes. I hope you had a good holiday too. I love the photos, and I love the double rainbow below. They are awsome. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and do a lot of fun things with the kids.

  5. Wow, just like Mark's computer, "All my friends are here!"

    Hi Skeeter.
    Hi Jo.
    Hi Cinnamon.
    Hi Cece.

    I left a long comment down below. How could your father have known I love The Thorn Birds! Give that man a big hug for me please!

    Your tree (neighbor's tree) is gorgeous. We have Robinia here, but I think it's a shrub. I'm going to do some research and get back to you. Thanks for the mini science lesson. Loved it!

    Now about the photos. WOW! I agree with Skeeter. Take more. Do you know why the photo works so beautifully? Because yellow and blue are complimentary colors (which as you know means they are opposite on the color wheel). Your Robinia is gold and the sky is blueish/black, so of course the contrast is amazing. And believe it or not, the darker the sky the more your Robinia "pops" when placed against it. The science of color and light is fascinating, you'd just eat it up!

    Thanks for this one. I really enjoyed myself.

    XO Suze

    P.S. Oh, and about your dog being left out New Years Eve. I'd never insult you, so don't think twice about it. I was just saying that T-Bone couldn't even be left outside, let alone tied up. The one time we tried to see if he wanted to stay outside when we left for a few hours, we we unable to locate him. t6 (Bijou just typed that). Rob and I opened the front door to leave only to discover T-Bone sitting like a gentleman waiting to be let in. We couldn't stop laughing. We have never figured out how he jumped an 8' fence. T-Bone loves his home, his bed, his kitties. Outside is not an option! Too funny. XO

  6. This is absolutely beautiful. I love the sky, the way it looks, all the swirling colors, that make up the grayish blue. Gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing this, you do live in a breathtakingly beautiful part of the world.

    Happy New Year, dear!

  7. So beautiful!

    Love the pic and your description of the scene...

    Lotsa love my friend,


  8. hey skeeter!
    workin on it!

    best wishes back at ya

  9. jo,
    isn't it annoying when a fantastic scene doesnt translate into a good photo? that happens to me often.
    i guess thats why there are professional photographers :)

    have a great year


  10. cinnamon,
    i see you have been posting like a maniac!
    i'll be over to comment sometime....

    we have a lot of naturalised freesias and i anticipate them with some excitement


  11. hey cece,
    i'm just relieved i said something to you, i keep thinking i've made comments and then realising i only thought about it!

    weekend is going nicely but i have to finish this run of comments and vacuum

    meh, vacuuming


  12. suze,
    hi :)

    we talked at your place so ill just say i look forward to your further artistic comment on my photos


  13. karen,
    hello again!

    australia is a beautiful place and i love sydney, too but i live an ordinary urban life so sometimes it's neccessary to see beauty in little stuff because there are not a lot of stunning vistas in my suburb :)


  14. mathri, amigo,

    thanks. it's an unusual post for me but i thought i should share something that so consistently gets my attention!

    bless ya


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