Sunday, 4 January 2009


Unfortunately this photo isn't as clear as I had hoped but I reckon you can see it ok.
I love this ad.
Can you tell me why?
Cinnamon, the smarty pants, says "don't you know?"
so , I hereby add to the question:
Do you like this ad?
why not?
and Leah, I expect a full discussion from you, at least 300 words ;)


  1. Uhmmm? You like us little guys????

  2. You mean you don't know ??!!!:)

  3. Well its a gratuitous and cynical play on the subliminal correlations between food and sex. So if I were to admit to liking the ad I am not sure what that would say about me!!

  4. well, it would say that i like gratuitous & cynical advertising

  5. Hey Kylie,
    Happy to report that things are better. We talk regularly and I will visit soon. I'll pass on your love. Shara

  6. Bob just blew you off!!! That's too funny. I guess he doesn't like chicken, but I'm surprised he doesn't like the "little guy." You know how he loves midget porn. (Watch out Practically Joe!)

    Okay, I'll get to the question. I'M A VEGETARIAN!!!! No, the ad doesn't appeal to me, but if you eat meat and are looking for a threesome, I suppose it's effective. *Eyes roll in back of head.*


    P.S. Yes, it's funny!

  7. Um, excuse me. I might be wrong, but the little guy in the middle is a women. Call me crazy, but I think it is.

  8. I think Leah could write an entire short story about this. It would be good, too.

  9. I dig it.


    First of all, the styling is fabulous.

    But the real appeal lies in the fact that the photo is a narrative--we've caught the triad in the middle of, maybe, an evening of excess. They've gotten dressed up, probably together, borrowing one another's accessories, tossing clothes about their love shack (?). And all this sartorial effort just to go eat chicken. Don't you think that's cool?

    It also makes us ask the question: what is their relationship? There are three of them, each attractive and compelling in their own individual way. Are they connected sexually? And in what configuration(s)? They're obviously comfortable enough to eat a messy meal together; there must be more to it, before and after this still photo.

    Okay, so, to sum up: rock n' roll styling, intriguing narrative, leaves us with titillating questions.

    That's all I've got for ya!

  10. suze,
    bob didnt blow me off he acknowledged my post when he didnt know what to say about it.
    or else thats what im doing when i say "hi bob"

    you didnt like the dresses or the composition or something?
    no artistic commentary?

    you surprise me


  11. csi

    had your eyes checked lately?

  12. megan,

    you guessed right, she's halfway there !

  13. leah,

    it's the styling i love only i didnt think of the word styling, i just had this unarticulable sense...

    i hadnt for one second considered the sartorial effort in relation to chicken but it surely is incredibly cool.

    i loved your comment. it opened so many intriguing new avenues of thought !

  14. and now to explain why i love this ad (tho i've already covered some of it)

    i love the goth look and this is a superb example

    i also love the other dress, i love the bright colour and the way it looks against dark skin

    i like the singlet and bowler combo

    i love the way they are enjoying themselves

    and i'm impressed that food is being advertised without health claims, without warm perfect family scenes, without claims that it is gourmet....

  15. Hi Kylie! Yes, I love that it is purely about enjoyment too. So rare.

  16. I want what they are eating (and licking).

  17. hi random!
    i still have to drop by and finish answering your questions. i was so miffed about the first lot disappearing i kind of lost heart!

    i want what they're having, too!

  18. Kyles,


    I love nandos....

    The people at my local nandos know me so well....that they know my voice on the telephone... know what i'll order...half a chicken, spicy rice and a chocolate mousse...

    As for the ad it looks like a bit of fun... I'm all for not takin things too seriously...

    Really I should do some advertisin for Nandos.. lol... Im a 'peri peri' addict...

    Much love, M

  19. amigo m!
    you always surprise me with your trick of commenting on an old post!
    i scroll down out of habit and then i'm madly curious about who added something, then i grin madly when it's you!
    so you wont be giving up NANDOS anytime soon, eh? and if you can get someone to, well,if you can enjoy it like that guy then good luck to you :)


  20. Mr. M. get out of my way you chicken killing fool you. Okay. Two things: The salad and the way both women have no under the chin skin. What? Yes, I'm completely superficial. But in a good way. Right?



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