Thursday, 11 December 2008

What do I really think of Suzanne?

I asked this question myself a few times so it's only right that I answer it.

I think Suze is funny and loyal and smart and a good sport. I know she is compassionate and if she cares about something she's totally passionate about it. She probably works like a trojan, she has fabulous taste in men, in friends, in cats and dogs, in decor and chairs.

I also think she is impulsive and it probably gets her into a tight spot or two but she is humble enough to examine her actions and apologise where necessary.

I suspect that her hectic lifestyle and the extremes of emotion she appears to feel are distractions from some much more immense pain but I couldn't be sure.

Suzanne is a great mate and a hottie to boot!
Cheers Suze!

Changing the subject completely, I have a little announcement to make, a challenge of sorts. Look over there, on the right of the screen. over there, yep, you got it.


  1. Suze could be suffering perhaps some depressive or anxiety malady. She may be sharing the emotional load of her barrister or attorney husband -----he is a lawyer I'm told. These lawyer folk sometimes carry a lot of emotional baggage with and on behalf of their clients. If there is any truth in the above guesses then suze must be supported via her blogdom friends.

  2. suzie, i'm wondering if i went too far with this post. i hope you understand that we just want you to be well and happy but sometimes it doesn't seem as if you are. take care of yourself sweetie !

  3. That 'thing on the right' is wonderful. I wish I could afford to do the same.

    I don't think you went too far...

  4. yeah, thing on the right is uber-bitchin... i like it!!! good post and no i dont think youve gone too far!

  5. Hell no you didn't go too far. And finally, you cleaned. Whoops, just below that, right? Ahhhh, sorry.

    I'm laughing baby. That's a wonderful thing. You're all terrific and thanks for your concern. I need it cuz I'm getting screwed!!! Seriously.

    Mark. Knock it off. Let hubby carry his own freakin' luggage. I'm too exhausted to do that too! Hey, a woman's gotta survive despite the old ball and chain. What? Mark, don't make me come over there.

    Wow, just realized, this isn't Mark, is it? This is Kylie's dad? Right. Well, my response remains the same.

    And this will make you all laugh. I'm writing because as you all know I've had the migraine from hell the past 16 days. I ate six crackers with cheddar cheese a few hours ago and my migraine went away. Poof. Like at the Wild Onion! Gone! I haven't moved since. Too scared. Seriously, I'm too damn scared to move. I don't want to go back there. So I'm right here! And what do I see? "What do I really think of Suzanne?" And this is the God's honest truth. I said WTF!!! I did a double take because I thought my brain had gone haywire. Thank God it hadn't. What pure pleasure.

    Kylie, you are right about everything. I am all those things. Especially impulsive, dammit! I hate those tight spots and wish I'd shut up 9 times out of 10. I'll work on that in 2009.

    HOWEVER, you're wrong about "I suspect that her hectic lifestyle and the extremes of emotion she appears to feel are distractions from some much more immense pain but I couldn't be sure." Kylie, Kylie, Kylie...I wish life was that simple. God please make it that freakin' simple. No, I don't struggle in that way, but God I wish. I wish I could nail it to that. I can't. I'm just a very complex human being and deal with stuff most don't. Not because I'm brave, but because I'm an idiot! I don't know why I do what I do, nor do I know why I react as I do. Like I told Zack the other day, I think I'm just wired differently. There's no way to explain it. I'm me, and I don't even know how the hell to explain it. I remember being in therapy and telling my doctor, "Well, I'm sorry, I don't have any deep, dark secrets to explain all this, so just wing it." And that's me in a nutshell.

    I care because I care. I was born this way and nothing will change this. Nothing. I was driving home from the park today and asked myself "What compells you to do this." I couldn't answer myself. So the rest of have absoltuly no hope!!

    I love you all. Thanks for your concern. I'm fine. I'll be fine. Now that this migraine has ended I see light at the end of the tunnel. And trust me, I understand. When I really, really need you, you'll know. Trust me!

    Love to all,

    P.S. Kylie, thanks sweetie. I love you so much and thanks for your concern. You're a dear friend because you think I'm hot!!! I just looked at my butt in the mirror. Okay, so maybe with a bit more work!!! 2010?

  6. Fascinating!

    Post and comments.

  7. Leah, Why?

    Just Bob, Hi? That's all you got?

    IV, Dang. That's all you got?

    I'm obviously working my way to that 30 questions thing! Yup, I'm gonna do it, but have a few items to post before I get to it. Wish me luck and be really kind because as you all know, I'm way too sensitive.

    Kylie, I came back to reread in an effort to understand myself better. My question is "What do others see that I don't?" So I sit and think a bit harder. Everyone who has written about me has opened my mind and heart. It's been an amazing mental exercise. Really. Honestly, I think we should do this for everyone!!! It's helpful to be challenged, questioned, embraced, loved. I know you've all helped me grow, learn, reflect. My burning question of course is "What do they see that I don't." So I dig deeper and try desperately to answer the question. Like John McEnroe when he said to the Umpire "You can not be serious...just answer the question."

    Thanks all of you for this. Much appreciated and much needed. I think it's good to be forced to think! God I love that sentence!

    ;) Me XO

  8. Hi Kylie,

    Yup, another dollar!

    Love you.

  9. thanks megs, apparently suze is happy with it. phew :)

  10. suze,
    i worked all day, then i went to the shops in the pouring rain, the girls wanted to know what ttook me so long. gah! i had to walk blocks and blocks cos every man and his dog was there taking all my parking spots. the i watched crocodile dundee with the kids. i was happy they thought it was real good, no too many movies age so well. anyway, then i saw at the onion that you were calling by here for a comment from me ! oops !
    well, i'm here now. dont have much to say in response to you. i said what i did and you said what you did and everyone is happy.
    and IV has been here TWICE!! what a coup

    take care and SEE A CHIRO. PLEASE

  11. leah,
    i just realised from your comment somewhere that youre probably psychoanalysing us all as we speak.

    how am i doing?


  12. IV i expected someone to comment lots, didnt imagine it would be you though.

  13. i dont know what you see suze but i see someone who probably wears herself out with emotional rollercoaters

  14. thats not a bad thing, i just think it takes a toll

  15. hi suze
    and no, i didnt clean. vacuum cleaner is broken. looks like i have to borrow one

  16. and MEGAN if you have a burning question just ask
    how could i refuse someone with such a well named offspring

  17. oh yeah every one

    when i went to the shops i was driving the MOTHs (man of the house)truck.
    i never drive that thing so well and the roads are real wet and.....

    well, i lost it

    dumped the clutch too quick with too much gas and just slid all over the place

    anyway, i couldnt tell the MOTH that so i'm telling you.

    i was so proud i didnt panic, havent lost the back end of a vehicle like that since i was a novice


    go me

  18. now i wanna know what suzanne thinks of suzanne!!!

  19. and i wanna know what what you all think of me

  20. I think Suzanne a damn pain in the ass IV!

    I think Kylie's remarkable...


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