Tuesday, 27 January 2009

dreary domestica

hey friends,
i don't have anything profound for ya but i love it when you stop by and say g'day so i keep on churning out any old guff......

i was woken at 5.45 this morning by no.1 son saying "you've gotta get up"
"get up!"
"just get up"

panic is rising (but not risen) as i wonder if ANZAC is at death's door. or worse.
i'm still trying to make sense of this quietly urgent request when i see it...

a pile of green doggy diarrhoea.
i forgot to put taffy out last night. and he happened to have a sick tummy.
mess cleaned up, i crawl back to bed hoping for maybe an hours extra shut eye but it doesn't come and i resurrect myself to get on with the day.

a trip to the shops to get trousers for school is in order and the younger three kids ride the lift up and down while i discuss the merits of various trouser styles with no.1.

breakfast in the cafe is the last extravagant treat before they all head back to school tomorrow. croissant, bacon & eggs, cinnamon toast and iced chocolate are all on the menu.

after that a few hours at work and back home for some more work.

talking of work, i must go. there are kids to kiss goodnight, dishes to do, ironing to consider and tomorrow i have to do it all again.
and i'm here blogging?


  1. You've answered your question about why you're here blogging! LOL

    Dreary domestica, yes, this is why I daydream ceaselessly...


  2. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world they say.

    Just look at what happens to those women who can't rock the cradle any more! Seems cars are not the only cicumstance where you get things to happen in reverse.

  3. God, it's bad enough having to clean up kid's poo, but a dog?

    Of to the vet with you my lovely!

  4. Dreary domestica? I blogged today on the joy of the ordinary. Are they the same from two different perspectives? Nah, your "domestic" situation had a bad smell . . . that's dreary. Pour a cuppa and gaze at some pretty flowers (you must have oodles to choose from, Miss Summertime), and write yourself a note to remind to put out the pooch. : D

  5. I really really like what Debbie said. I'm going to try it.

  6. hi leah,
    i blog compulsively so it's probably not dishwashing avoidance :)


  7. dad,
    if the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world then thank heavens eddie groves is out of the childcare business :)


  8. padraig!
    i'm thinking you are a mate of megans? i could look up your profile and find out but that would spoil the fun.

    it was a wonderful breakfast. it's outrageous what i spend at that cafe

    come back soon :)

  9. kris,
    yep, i have cleaned up some gross nappies but dog poo is worse by a long shot!


  10. hey deb!
    i wont forget in a hurry again!

    the truth is that i had an ok day and i dont usually apply the word dreary to my life but i wonder what i'm inflicting on my readers :)


  11. leah,
    it is great advice, only i'm going for coffee. right now actually !

  12. Churn away, Kylie!

    I won't tell who Padraig is. But yes, I know where he comes from! ;)

    Hope no early wake-up calls today.

  13. Hi Kylie,
    Finally Helen is off the computer and now i can check out whats happening.
    We have another sort of problem but with the cats. Usually a fur ball, just after their dinner and usually on the carpet down the passageway for the next person going that way to find.
    Hope all has gone well for the start of the school year. Helen goes back on mon feb 2nd.We still have to get some stationary and folders.By the way the temperature is 42 degrees and they have only just closed the roof at the tennis. Serena Williams is playing a girl called Svetlana.
    I walked home from the bus stop which is about 10 minutes from home and the heat was like a hot blowtorch on my body.
    Have a good day.

  14. Hi Kylie!

    Oh my, what a day! We had a snow day today. The Evil Corporation closed for the day and I tried to sleep in, but it didn't really work.

    Maybe tomorrow will be a little easier. At least there was no "present" from the pets to deal with.

    Best wishes,


  15. hi megan !
    no wake up calls today.

  16. hey jo!
    i dont think i could deal with furballs on a regular basis. taffy's little embarassment was one of only two occasions ever.

    the heat you are getting is unreal, it was like that here on saturday and it was just horrible. i hope it is soon over

    meantime, take it easy, eh?


  17. hey skeeter,
    i know nothing about snow but i would have thought it would be fantastic sleeping in weather?
    i hope you managed to relax

    bless ya


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