Saturday, 10 January 2009

During the hour long wait for a table I not only took photos but also had a wander up the road to a small boutique I had often passed. It would be wrong to say I was disappointed because there was some good stuff in there but there was nothing that really got me excited......

back to Mamak and I spent some time watching the cook making roti. Roti translates roughly as bread but these are more like a pastry. He would start with a ball of dough about the size of a large onion, it would be stretched onto the workbench

then he would spin it much like a pizza and it would grow
and grow

until it was paper thin and about twice the size of a large pizza

then it would be folded and popped on the grill, where all the trapped air would puff it up into a spectacular golden disc.

Some had onions folded in, some had egg, or banana, or a spicy meat mixture.
It was so cool to watch an artisan practice his craft.
We were seated and then the long discussion over choices began. We finally settled on a small selection of
  • chicken satay
  • rojak, salad of cucumber, boiled egg, tofu, coconut fritters and peanut sauce
  • roti canai with curry sauces
  • fried chicken (ayam goreng)
  • spiced chicken (ayam berempah)
  • nasi lemak, coconut rice with fried, dried anchovies, peanuts, cucumber and boiled egg
  • stir-fried water spinach
  • iced coffee malaysian style (kopi ais) and iced lime (limau ais)
I was so excited when the food arrived that I forgot to take any photos but happy faces should tell the story......

Roti Pisang (banana roti) with ice cream made a delicious dessert for Dimples

and roti tisu (tissue roti) cooked with lots of butter and sprinkled with sugar for extra crunch made a spectacular finale for the girls


  1. I want some of that! Thanks for sharing, Kylie!

  2. That all looks and sounds wonderful. Is that where you are taking me when I visit?

  3. hey meggie,
    your name always reminds me of enid blyton childrens novels for some reason.
    was there a megan?


  4. Oh goodness, I'm so hungry. Perhaps we should have our Blog Family Reunion in Aussie Land. At that resturant.

    I agree with Megan. Thanks for sharing! What fun. And as always, your kids are so gorgeous and an absolute hoot!

    Hi Bob.
    Hi Megan.

    P.S. I was just a Debbie's. She put the table and chairs out on the deck and made Jasmine tea. I crashed her little party. Too lovely to egnore (yummy cookies too). I also caught up with all her posts and enjoyed myself so much. I want that Mexican stew recipe for tortillas. Rob will go nutty. Yummy! I'm also thinking seriously about celebrating the 12 days of Christmas next year. What a lovely idea. Hard work, but satisfying. You and the kids should do it. You'd have such a blast!

    Gotta go baby. Have a good...Sunday? It's Sunday is Aussie Land, right? Oh, and when you talk to Mark please give him, Jo and Helen my love. I can't leave a message on their blogs. Oh, and Peter, if you're reading this, love you too. I'll stop by soon.

    Hi My Novel! (How could I resist?)


    P.P.S. Oh, almost forgot. I'll try to email this weekend. Trust me, I haven't forgotten. It's just that this week has been rather insane, however, I learned something from Debbie. Enjoy the life you have and keep your palms wide open. So with my one good eye I'm going to do just that and also look to the sky.


  5. Yes, I vote for that restaurant for our meet-up.

  6. You know, my only exposure to Enid is inside the Bookworld in Jasper Fforde, so I don't know! Was there a Megan?

  7. suzie,
    it's sunday now, saturday when you asked.
    debbie always has great food, doesnt she? it's complex inducing.

    wouldnt i LOVE for you all to come here so i could meet you all....

    wishing you good eyes sooner rather than later


  8. meagn,
    i'll have to have a look at the enid blyton we have here .....



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