Monday, 12 January 2009

hey friends,

there's no real subject for tonight's post, just a collection of thoughts for the day.

i was intrigued to hear some fashionistas on the tv tonight, declaring that Brad & Angelina didn't make it to their usual "stand-out" status for Golden Globe fashion, that Ange should have made more effort! i'm not a fan of the cult of celebrity so think i have enough distance to say bah humbug to the fashionistas. Ange is elegant in her simplicity and the dress is flattering to a nicely rounded post- baby body. who do these people think they are?

for those who know and love Bindi, i've been impatiently waiting for news of her baby and she has recently written a new post to tell us that baby Noah was due to be delivered by c-section last week. i hope things went well for them both. i wish Bindi an easy baby and a good recovery and welcome wee Noah.

i personally want to mark the passing of a man who was an elder in my church from the time i can remember until he found different pastures when i was in my twenties. Big Al had dignity and integrity, he also had humour and a larrikin spirit. he was truly a man of God and his final battle, with bowel cancer, was courageous and inspiring.

love to you, big Al, and thanks

see you in paradise!


  1. Just stopped by to say I love you and thanks.

    Hope your back is feeling better. Be careful please. I developed back pain while moving our household from LA to the San Francisco/Bay Area because I quickly dug up entire gardens around the house. I suffered for about 6 years. One day the pain finally just went away. I'm very protective of it now.

    Angelina looks so lovely. Always does. Brad looks a wee bit like IV in that photo. Did you notice? Put him in a tux and send him down the red carpet and Cheese might have some competition!!! Brad too! Too funny.

    Thanks again for your love and support. I'll get to the email in the next few days.

    XO Me

    P.S. Bindi didn't have Noah this weekend. The doctors called for more tests before delivering the wee one. Long story, so I'll put it in an email. Cece told after talking to Bindi. Bindi called me as well but with Newman and all that's happened this weekend I haven't returned her call. I'll try to get back to her tomorrow and let you know what's happening. I'm worried, you know? I hope she has someone to help care for the babies.

    Great post as always. Love you. XO

  2. f[rgove s[e;;omg errprs/

    Also, forgive spelling errors!


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The author was me! For some reason my comment posted twice.

    Hope Big Al is near Newman.


  5. I totally forgot to watch the Globes. First time in years.

    Hail and farewell, Big Al and welcome Noah!

  6. hey suzie,
    now that you mention it, brad is like IV
    dont know how you had 6 years of back pain, i cant manage a day or two
    it's unusual for me to get fidgety like i am for bindi, maybe theres good reason, eh? i hope things are ok for them all. let me know when you have news
    and finally, i reckon big al probably is keeping newman company.
    they're both in a good place

  7. hey megan,
    i didnt even know the globes were on but i saw a few red carpet highlights....
    i'm addicted to seeing the the dresses, even the bad ones!


  8. Kylie ... I think I can help with your back. It just needs a quick adjustment.
    Okay ... I'm behind you now.
    You just have to trust me.
    Lift your arms straight up over your head.
    I'm going to wrap my arms around you just below your rib cage.
    I'll be gentle and careful not to touch anything I shouldn't.
    Now I'm going to apply pressure.
    Take in a deep breath and hold it.
    Okay, here comes the pressure.
    Ugh! Ugh! Uhg!
    And exhale!
    Yowwwwwwwwww! My back! My back!
    Ow! Kylie ... Someone ... help me!
    Kylie ... make that an appointment for two.

  9. joe,
    if you can make me feel good you can touch anything you like!

    oops, wait, what i meant was if you can take away the pain and make me functional you can touch anything !

    well, thanks for the laugh
    i really needed it


  10. I hope Bindi is okay...and her baby.

    I hate Brangelina, BTW. They are waaay to perfect. I'm sure they have flaws, like she drinks too fast and he forgets to put the toilet seat down. Yeah, right.

  11. hey rc,
    to tell the truth i dont know anything about them

    except that theyre obnoxiously beautiful

    nice to have you here


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