Wednesday, 14 January 2009

it's a very odd thing, or perhaps narcissistic, that even though i have nothing to say i want to post so i thought i'd show you a couple of photos.
on saturday night we went to the opening night of the sydney festival, appropriately named "Festival First Night". there were 10 stages set up around the city with live music or dance at each one. it was a fantastic night: fabulous people watching, marvellous music (hip hop, latin, jazz, electronica, and the list goes on) the weather was pleasant......
i couldnt have asked for more but to stay longer

as part of the festival kids program the littlies can add to this "recycled plastic" sculpture of a tasmanian devil

and a close up

all being well i hope to get to the massive, free jazz concert this coming saturday night.
bring it on!!!


  1. Hi Kylie,

    A tas. Devil! Well, when I first saw it, I thought what an interesting little pig. Not nearly an cranky as a tas. devil, but you know. fun nonetheless.

    Best wishes,


  2. That is so cool! What is the festival for? Just to have a festival or is there a tradition behind it?

  3. Tough day, I needed a good laugh. I love that little pig!!! So colorful! And Practically Joe, I'm having a bit of back pain!

    Hi Skeeter.
    Hi Maithri.
    Hi Megan.
    Hi Kylie.

    Love to all, XO

  4. That's not nothing to say! I think that's something to say! It's neat!

  5. hey skeeter!
    the kids thought it was a pig, the tail gave it away though.
    should have got a shot of the tail, eh?


  6. megan,
    i should look this up but i'll wing it...
    i think it's just a festival for the sake of it, promoting the arts and so on.
    sydney being sydney it's probably just an excuse to have a picnic in the park !
    a BIG picnic


  7. oh and megan, i think it's been going 25 years or so, so i guess it has a tradition all of it's own now

  8. suzie,
    laughing is good for you so laugh away !
    and sex makes you live longer

    just thought that might be handy.....


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