Saturday, 17 January 2009

our dear beloved comical little bunny ANZAC, Zakky, was hit by a car this morning while taking a walk.
he is at the vets now, waiting for x-ray to determine the extent of the damage.
he is showing great spirit but rabbit meets car is not a good thing in my book.

please, if you are a praying person, ask for a miracle for Zakky.
and comfort for four very distressed children.

if you're not a praying person, well, actually i think we all are if we really think about it.......
your best wishes would be much appreciated


three hours on the vet is still waiting for zakky to be in less shock before he is subjected to the dangers of sedation. he can't move his back legs at all and he is in pain but i feel it is miraculous that he is with us at all. there is still a distinct possibility that we might have to take the hardest road....

his x-rays are all clear, he will need a few days rest and some cortisone tablets but he lives to bring us joy in his inimitable way for days to come!


  1. Prayers for the smallest of God's creatures meet His loving ears with swiftness and purpose. Your little Zakky is lifted up in our prayers, as are your children as they deal with this. Loving hurts sometimes, but it is sooooo worth it. May God grant peace throughout this ordeal.

    Love and Prayers,

  2. thanks debbie.
    amazing update to come....

  3. I am so glad that Zakky is ok. He has one lucky rabbit's foot. Oh that was so bad. You can virtual slap me if you want to.

  4. Here, I'll slap her for you.

    Wow. I though Zakky was a gonner and was actually about to email and say "Kylie, just let him go. Please don't make him suffer." See, you're the strong one (as if anyone every doubted that!). Hugs to you, the kids and Zakky and I pray for his full recovery. Yes Kylie, I pray now. Mostly because of you. I await your updates, but I have to go to sleep soon because I'm exhausted. I will come here first thing in the morning and hope for the very, very best.

    Love you so much and sorry you've all had to struggle though such a difficult day.

    Suze XO

  5. What a lucky rabbit Zakky is. The kids must be overjoyed.

  6. suze,
    i would never want him to suffer and he is suffering.

    also, when talking to the vet further, his full recovery is still very questionable.
    my heart aches over that but i dont want to call it too soon.

    keep praying

  7. debbie, bob, cece and jo,

    i might have been celebrating prematurely but there is hope yet

    be sure that this is so important to me that i will update at every step....

    thanks so much for your good wishes

  8. I love you darling and I'm sending our "huge" family's love and hugs across the miles. The answer will come when you least expect it and in the meantime, we hope Zakky is getting good pain med. I will always pray for you and your family.

    Much love,
    Suze XO

  9. suze,
    shouldnt you be asleep?

    i'm so glad youre not though!

    we've been watching the poor little fella all day with no sign of improvement .
    i went to have a shower and came back for one last peek before bed and he was sitting up nibbling on his hay!!

    he has a way to go but it's so good to see him eat

    everyone is asleep so it's you who i rejoice with

  10. Kylie,

    You can rejoice with me anytime. I'm honored. I'm just checking in to see how the wee one is doing. Please keep updating because it's so helpful.

    You'll be surprised to learn where I said my most meaningful prayer for all of you today. It wasn't at the park feeding the kitties (I often feel as if I'm standing in a beautiful cathedral when I look up at the sky through the trees), instead it was in the car. I was driving through the industrial area of town for a change of pace and noticed how many businesses were closing because of our horrible economy. It made me think about how quickly life can change and I thought of Zakky. So I prayed. Really hard.

    I did get some sleep last night, but then the kitties woke me up by licking my face, chewing on my hair and sucking on my fingers. It never ends! I'm exhausted today and still working as hard as I worked yesterday. I'm going to make some coffee and hope for the best. Wish me luck!

    Love you darling. I'll check in later.


    P.S. By the way, how are the kids holding up?

  11. this is funny isnt it?
    a minute by minute update across the world about the state of a rabbit?
    he's eating and pooping and looking a little more like our zakky.
    no real movement yet but time will hopefully heal.......

  12. bob ,
    that is waaaay too much information :)

    funny how the most basic stuff is what we look at to see if a person or animal is doing ok

    life revolves around eating drinking sleeping and pooping, doesnt it?

    the lucky ones might add a coupla extras in!


  13. Eating, drinking, sleeping, and pooping does it for me.

  14. Hooray! I just popped in for a quick check before I sign off from this bloggo-session. Sounds GREAT!!! I'll keep up the prayers. I was reading through the comments above, but have to admit some contained a bit more personal info than I was ready for. Nice to know we're all so chummy here that we can discuss . . . well . . . almost anything! : D

  15. cece,
    zakky has four lucky rabbit feet, dont you know anything about rabbits?

  16. Hi Kylie
    I have been out of touch for a week- so sorry to hear about Zakky- but so glad to hear he is ok!
    It will take me while to catch up with all the blogs- but thanks for letting me know about the Wild Onion Cafe- I will be over sometime. In fact a little time in a bar with a nice brandy and cola and some good company is just what I could do with. Or is it coffee at the cafe?
    Anyways- hope little Zakky continues to improve. This is my heartfelt wish for you all
    Cinnamon :)

  17. hey cinnamon,
    you can get brandy and cola, or coffee, beer, lemon drops are gigs fave......
    the barman is whoever you fancy.....
    they serveany food you want....

  18. I admit I was scared to come back because I did not want to hear bad news....sorry about that, Kylie.

    So glad to hear the good news though!

  19. I honey. I read your email today. So sorry I'm late. Yesterday was insane and today is following in it's footsteps, but I'll try to respond later.

    So happy to hear Zakky is still pooping, peeing, eating and sleeping and so is Bob. Too funny. Sounds like he's going to be okay (no, not Bob, the rabbit!). Keep us up-to-date.

    Love you,


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