Monday, 9 February 2009

can't get enough.....

There is plenty of news coverage about the bushfires Australia is experiencing right now, so I have no intention of writing a post about it. I would, however like to stop a moment and pay my respects. 750 homes have been lost and 108 confirmed dead, with that number expected to rise above 150. The cost to our people can never be counted.
There is a meme doing the rounds, Megan has admirably nominated 10 issues of significance to her which start with the letter "P" and she has bestowed on me the letter "S"
I have two wonderful sons who I am immensely proud of and a number of sweethearts. I address my daughters and all of my four nieces as sweetheart and each one of them brings joy to my life.

I would hope that my spiritual life is more than an affiliation with a denomination but I must recognise the influence of The Salvation Army. It is where I was taught and nurtured in faith and it is still my home and oasis. The teachings form the framework to my own explorations, the worship sustains my soul and the family support me.
My geographical home is Sydney. Born and raised here, I love Sydney as I love the home of my childhood. Every big city has her problems and my home town is no different but she is my home town and I will love and defend her to the last. I love the people, the city streets, the harbour, the Opera House & Circular Quay. I love the beaches and the parks and the restaurants.......
Less beloved by me but immensely significant in my life is the supermarket. What can I say? I love to heap scorn on these capitalistic giants but they are neccessary to my ability to provide for my family.
The herbs St John's Wort and St Mary's Thistle are staples for the company I work for. After my husband manufactures them I bottle these products in batches of hundreds of bottles. They truly form our bread and butter.
Continuing with the practicalities of life, the local schools are hugely important. The local primary school has been a part of my life for ten years now. The teachers have taught my brood to read and write, to spell and add. They have helped them to become responsible citizens and to examine their actions. They have given them opportunities to become involved with school leadership, a variety of sports, dance and music. Last year they even got to make a film. My gratitude to the community at our local school cannot be underestimated and while my affiliation with the high schools is shorter and less intense I see the beginnings of a similarly profound influence.
I have a love of performing and creative arts which is, as yet, not too well explored but when I open the Saturday paper the first section I read is the arts liftout, Spectrum. I read the book reviews, the movie reviews, the TV reviews, the fashion pages and the advertisements for upcoming concerts and stage shows. I love the funny column by Richard Glover and the commentary on all kinds of linguistic issues in the column called "Words". Yes, spectrum, represents some of my loves and it also represents something that I hope to enjoy well into the future.
If you would like to play, give me a shout and I'll give you a letter.


  1. #1.

    And I love you. With all my heart.

    S. Suzanne

  2. Honey I can't comment on the fires. You know it just breaks my heart.

  3. My prayers go out to all those affected by the fires.

    A very satisfying and sensitive list, Kylie.

  4. Just wanted to send my love my friend,

    Our country will overcome,


  5. Just stopping by to say hi.

    This is a lovely post. You haven't mentioned the fires in N.S.W. state and I just want to let you know that my thoughts are for those that might be affected by bushfire in your home state. Stay safe. Love and prayers,
    Kooka. xo

  6. Great job with this. I'm still puzzling over my letter--U.

  7. I have a much more complete picture of you in my head after reading this post:)

    What is this letter thing?

    We have been hearing about the fires all day here- such a sad loss of life, my thoughts are with you all.

  8. suze
    the fires are shocking. 5000 are homeless and it feels wrong to be going about my daily life but there is nothing i can really do

    love to you

  9. megan
    i'm sure the people affected by fire appreciate your prayers.
    there is also major flooding in the north of the country. that is being alittle bit forgotten but there is heartbreak there too


  10. maithri,
    thanks amigo

    take care

  11. kooka,
    it would seem wrong to talk about fires here when victorians have felt armageddon but of course it is no less real.
    thanks for your prayers and interest


  12. leah,
    "S" was an easy one, good luck with the "U"


  13. cinnamon,
    if you want to do this meme i tell you what letter to write about, you think of ten things aruound the letter and write your post.then you nominate a letter for any of your readers who are interested.

    the fires are on the news 24/7 here and deservedly so. the death toll is expected to hit 200, nearly 3 times our previous worst and right it is still too dangerous to do retrievals.

    melbourne's biggest trauma centre ran out of morphine.
    it's unthinkable

    my best to you

  14. Those fires are absolutely horrible and I think I saw that they think they were possibly intentionally set. So sad. And I imagine the drought you going on down there is not helping.
    I need to end this on a positive not so I will say you did swell with that letter S.

  15. I send my prayers to your country and to all fire victims. I've been to Australia before and visited the Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane. Your country and your people is just beautiful.


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