Wednesday, 11 February 2009

just wondered

i have had a triumph in procrastination
leading to a new and profound philosophical question:
in a world full of beautiful....



drop dead sexy......

and just plain amazing body painting

why, oh WHY would she choose red bull???


  1. hahahah!!!!! That is truly a question for the ages! Seriously, why would you?!

  2. By the way, you wouldn't happen to have any of their phone numbers would you?

  3. Oh that made me laugh, thanks Kylie!!!!

  4. Body painting is a serious commitment and seriously there has to be a better choice than Red Bull. This unanswered question might rank up there with who let the dogs out.
    I also wanted to thank you for your positive pooch thoughts. We appreciate it.

  5. I wonder what price she took?!

    Ha ha, brilliant post Kylie:)

  6. bob,
    why not?
    because she could do something truly interesting or beautiful. red bull is neither

  7. bob,
    which number would you like?

  8. megan,
    i dont mind a laugh myself :)

  9. mr shife,
    so who did let the dogs out?

  10. big m,
    glad you liked it!
    i've done a lot of serious stuff lately, it was time to relax

  11. cinnamon
    whatever she took, i hope it was worth it :)

  12. WHAT? YOU DRAGGED MY SEMI-RETIRED ASS OUT FOR THIS? RED BULL? Oh right...I owe you (I'm going to be here a lot, aren't I???!!!). Honey, move your sorry red dress over, cuz green dress is here. (Trust me...Kylie and I understand that stupidity!) No really, move. There isn't space in this little box for both of us!

    Fluffs dress and adjusts cereal box. Okay, I'm going to say this once and I want you all to listen up:

    1) The Red Bull chick looks like an idiot, but is helping the economy. Sorta like Hooters! I guess. I have no idea why, but stuff like that sells. Oh right. That's why. SEX!!! There ya go then. Apparently she looks sexy to guys like..............well.............Bob!!!

    Hi Bob! (Bob, frankly, I enjoy "Drop Dead Sexy!").

    2)Are you kidding? There isn't a number 2! A girls gotta sleep!

    *goes back to bed*

  13. drop dead sexy is my fave too

    you owe me?

    my shoes need polishing, the dog hair needs vacuuming, a back rub would be nice......


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