Sunday, 22 February 2009

I'm snarky.

Last night I was woken four times by a sick child who I couldn't help. She finally chucked and we both finally got some shut-eye. This cold is dragging me down more than I expected and work this week is going to be furiously busy. At least I have managed to figure out that if I go in by a different door I can avoid the sad sacks. Why didn't I figure that one out before? And why am I complaining about sad sacks when I'm being one?
I have a million (ok, two or three) ideas for posts in my head but they need a bit more time to percolate and I need time to write them as well so instead you get this.....


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. the answers are there!!!!
    scroll down

  3. I am such a loser for not joining in on the answer thing. I meant to , I swear!

  4. Sorry to hear you're not well. I recommend a hot toddy- lemon juice, honey, whiskey and hot water. x

  5. megan,
    there is more coming when i have more time

  6. cinnamon
    i'm just a tad self pitying
    a hot toddy sounds good.....

  7. Hi baby, I deleted. I have to stop swearing on this blog! That was just awful. I'm late for the park so gotta run (it's raining), but I'll be back later to get the answers. How didn't I see that?!

    Hope you're feeling a bit better today.

    Love you XO

  8. Okay, I'm back. What fun to read your answers and reread the comment page. This cracked me up, size 5 shoe. You're so tiny! And before babies and life in general you must have worn an even smaller size. I used to be a size 6, but after playing tennis for so many years I was more comfortable in size 7! And this is what I find most fascinating...Cinnamon was only 1/2 inch off!!! She's good!!!

    How tall are you? I think I was supposed to be taller. All my brothers are over 6' and most of my sisters are taller than I am. Mom didn't smoke when she was preggers with me, but I think I inhaled second hand smoke in the womb (it was the 50's)! That's the only thing that can explain size 7 shoe on a 5' 1 1/2" frame. You know what I mean? That or I was supposed to be a guy and you know what that means!!!

    Oh, and purple. Duh! I'm glad I eventually got it right. It's not as if your blog isn't purple! See...I KNOW YOU!!! Well, about 10% of you, you, you mystery lady you. ;)

    So much more to say but don't want to bore you. Go easy on the hot toddies baby. (Cinnamon's a trouble maker.) You're sick, I know, but you still have the kids and animals to care for, dishes, laundry, red hot rubber shoes to walk in, a secret office door to navigate and a Volvo to locate. Oh, and about 20 more question to post. Chop~chop!

    I love you and I love this game. And I agree with IV. Go for the gusto!!! I once spent way over an hour reading his list and enjoyed every minute. I remember your feeble attempt at the same!!! But this is a more fun way to arrive at the same goal. You can't stop now. Please keep going.

    I LOVE YOU!!!

    P.S. I'm looking at your photo as I type this. See why you confused me? Blue blouse, red background. I may know you better than you know you.


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