Sunday, 22 February 2009

The next lot.....

I'm having fun with this!
Maithri, tell us all about yourself
Bob, make us laugh
Everyone else, do what you's party time!!

16. Favourite sport to watch?
I'm not really a sport watcher. If it happens to be on I enjoy gymnastics. Help me out here...somebody?

17. Most recent memorable birthday?
My 35th, when my good friend TTS (hey you! she lurks you know) threw me a 7 course dinner. We had entree and mains then the surprise where a bunch of friends and family came in for 5 courses of dessert!
It takes a lot to render me speechless but that did! Thanks TTS

18. Am I a morning or a night person?

19. Shoe size?
Australian 8, European 39, US 5?

20. Pets?
Jet the rabbit, Taffy the dog and assorted birds

21. Favourite flower?
what did Cinnamon say? something about biologically fascinating & symmetrical? In that case the Venus flytrap would fit. Actually, I love roses, gardenias, orchids, jonquils, freesias, daffodils....what don't I like?

22. Favourite candy?
Dark chocolate

23. My birthday?
April 30

24. News I want to share?
I'm not pregnant

25. How am I today?
I have a cold but otherwise good

26. What am I listening to right now?

27. What did I want to do when I was little?
Research Science

28. What do I do now?
I put one foot in front of the other

29. Do I wish on stars?
No, even if I thought it might work I never know what to wish for "be careful what you wish for"

30. Favourite colour?
Not orange, purple


  1. Hi Kylie,
    This looks good. i will come back later as we are going to the city to the free concert at the Sidney Myer Music bowl with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Helen's 1st teacher is one of the french Horn players. so i will continue with this later.

  2. Ok i admit it, I'm illiterate, it what you will... i cant read a post properly anymore... Loved reading your answers my friend... How embarassing that i gave my own!! If a brown guy could blush...i would lol

    I'll come back to this one...

    Much love,


  3. maistro!
    when i need a doctor i dont want an illiterate!
    c'mon tell us about yourself.....
    pretty pleeeease
    it's for leah.
    i think she has a crush

  4. Favourite sport to watch? - Curling

    Most recent memorable birthday? - just bob's

    Am I a morning or a night person? - Afternoon

    Shoe size? - 5 1/2 American, 4 UK

    Pets? - Yes

    Favourite flower? - Venus Fly Trap

    Favourite candy? - Tim Tams!

    My birthday? - May 1 (according to The Wild Onion)

    News I want to share? - You're preggers

    How am I today? - Preggers

    What am I listening to right now? - Music

    What did I want to do when I was little? - Be grown up

    What do I do now? - Be little again

    Do I wish on stars? - Only Nicole Kidman

    Favourite colour? - Purple

  5. bob!
    ah, yes curling!
    funny sport

    right. yeah

    listening to the tv (not watching)

    was the thong your fave piece of clothing or your guess at mine?
    i dont do thongs, who wants an all day wedgie??

  6. Hi Kylie,

    Ineresting questions here and interesting responses below.

    Best wishes,


  7. You're cracking me up. Seriously. Your answers below killed me.

    Like I said below, "Damn, when'd you sell the Volvo." I KNOW YOU HAD A VOLVO!!! Tell me it ain't so.

    Okay, so here we go again:

    16. Hummmmmmmmmmm. Should I go there?

    17. Last month. I know I got this one.

    18. Well you have to get up, but I don't think you enjoy it. Night.

    19. 7. Okay, maybe 6 1/2.

    20. Of course. But not many left.

    21. Well it could be that purple thing in the front yard. Or perhaps the yellow thing. But honestly, I think it's a rose.

    22. Chocolate truffle?

    23. May 1st.

    24. You've recently discovered blogging.

    25.'re probably just fine. A bit overextended like the rest of us, but you'll survive.

    26. Hummmmmmmmmm. I don't know honey, so why don't you tell me?

    27. Be a doctor.

    28. You're a doctor. Right? You fix everything.

    29. Absolutely.

    30. Hummmmmmmmmmm. You know me and color. This is important. I'm really thinking. I keep thinking "blue." But I'm not sure. I've looked at the last year of your life and tried to come up with a color and it's blue, but I'm not sure. Let me think for a moment. I also see red. Hummmmmmmm. But I also see purple. Okay. I'm going to pick one.


    Love you. This is too much fun baby.


    P.S. Post the answers SOON!!!

  8. Suze- you must steal this- but keep the questions Cats or Dogs!

    Ok Kylie, i didn't do very well last time so her goes-

    16. Aussie rules football? No?- oh, maybe that was Mark...

    17. A meal in Sydney- Malysian food was it ?

    18. Night

    19. 5 and 1/2 (UK)- 39?

    20. Pets- lots over the years

    21. Flower- something structurally complex, beautifully symmetrical and biologically fascinating.

    22. Chocolate

    23. May

    24. news you wish to share- anything to do with people because you are a people person


    26. The children demanding more more..

    27. A pop star (doesn't every little girl?)

    28. you do something with St John's Wort don't you?

    29. No, you pray

    30 not orange!

  9. the true test is 101 things about yerself, am enjoying the small bits at a time but you need to explode it upon us!!!

  10. i tried 100 things about myself, couldnt get past about 60!!


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