Saturday, 21 February 2009

Keep reading and answering my questions. I'm loving it. I'm also noticing that the more answers you give me the more complex my answers become. I mean, I don't have a favourite CD and that was my first answer but you know Suzanne was right, I like gospel & piano & rock......
I could talk like that about most of the topics raised by this little game!
Right now I am just being policemum while I wait for it to be safe to go to bed. A couple of the kids' friends came to stay tonight, which is pretty unusual so there is a great deal of excitement. The whole six of them were "watching Jaws" and knowing how I get annoyed if I can't see a movie to the end I was trying to coolly allow them to stay up late and watch it. Then they were "watching Spiderman". They were changing channels so that they could always be watching something that was only half finished!
Well, once I dropped to that little lurk I sent them all to bed, where they lie giggling and chatting. As it is they'll be horrid tomorrow so I have trotted out the "If you don't be quiet there will be no more sleep overs" line and now I just use my stern voice and say "QUIET NOW"

I think they are asleep.

Thank heavens.

I'm off too.



  1. You up yet!!!!?????

    I'm off to the park but had to check here for answers first. None. D*&%. The post is great though! *Using stern voice "Kids keep it down, Mom's sleeping in."*

    Do you know that I'm so thick I didn't realize I have to come up with the questions if I play this game on my blog?! I thought everyone shared the questions!!! Right? Nope! I read Cinnamon's comment down below and thought, really? Then read this and thought, really? I'll just steal yours. I don't have time to think too hard. ;) Oh, and Cinnamon's response to the flower question cracked me up. She's SO smart!

    This game is terrific. I love it. Can hardly wait for your response. You're a funny, wacky, smart, sensitive, complex, gospel, piano, rock lovin' broad! And I love you too.


    P.S. Where'd you park the Volvo?
    P.P.S. I think Random Chick should play this game. Can you even imagine? Oh. My. God!!!!!!


  2. yes come on Kylie- wakey, wakey!!

    Suzanne- I think the questions are the same for everyone????- I just thought they were hideously difficult- I mean I don't know what TV programmes are scheduled in Aussieland for goodness sakes! And shoe size??? Which is why i thought of some questions for you that would make it easy... because you are such an open, effusive person who shares so much of what you love about life..
    1. Steel girder- or tree?
    2. Lamb chop -or cupcake?
    3. Shopping mall -or park?

    see, even those of us who have only been around a few months know and love you - your blog exudes your personality. I for one am looking forward to the re-opening of your blog, and answering questions about you- and reading your answers XOX

  3. I'm here too. "Wakey, wakey sweet princess! Time for coffee and Cinn made LOTS, so let's get crackin' baby." Cinn, isn't it past 7:30 there? She's just going to have to wake and go directly to the computer and we'll bring the coffee to her. Oh, and then I'll drive the kids to the mall in the "Volvo" and you can pick up around the house so Ms. K can focus on important stuff. I've invited John Mcenroe over to remind her to "JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!!"

    Cinnamon, I think you're absolutely right about the questions. Kylie got me all wacky confused, and frankly you didn't help either. Okay, so I'm finally straight. The questions are the same, but the answers are different. Okay, I'm ready to go, and trust me, I'm going to do this. As soon as I have a few minutes. Unfortunately that's not right now. Technically I'm cleaning my office/studio, but the computer was begging me to turn her on. Women.

    Effusive. I like that. That's my word of the day. And darling, I will take your challenge.

    1. You know I love steel, so really had to think about this one, but ultimately nature won out. Tree.

    2. Very funny young lady. I'd take the wee lamb with his chop intact and put him in the yard to play and grow up. So of course, CUPCAKE!!!!!

    3. Ahhhhhhhhhh yes, me and the mall. What a beautiful relationship we have. You know how I love to shop. PARK!!!

    Oh, but I guess you all knew that! Cinn, thanks for such a good laugh. You're a gem. Now I have to get serious and continue cleaning my office/studio, finish loading the dishwasher and get some laundry done. I have tons more to do but won't bore you! How would you like to come live in CA and be my assistant?!

    True story, all the windows are open because it's beautiful outside. A car just past with some Rap blasting. I hate Rap, but my head started bopping to the beat. I have no idea what that was all about. Don't tell anyone.

    Love you! Now this will be your first test as my assistant: Go wake Kylie. Good luck and God speed.


  4. Hi Suzanne! I would love to be your assistant- we could get no work done together!

    Sorry Kylie, we've made ourselves at home while you're resting- even got the coffe on- can you smell it...oh sorry, did it wake you??

  5. oh rats,just wrote you a long comment and it didnt post

    no time to re write

    you just have to wait

    make yourselves at home

    thanks for the coffee, it's good

    see you in
    about 5 hours


  6. 5 hours? This is a joke. Right? No, no, no, no, no. Buries head in hands. Okay, so in those 5 hours you're going to be answering the questions. Right? Okay. Good. I'll survive.

    Cinnamon, my darling new assitant. When I said wake Kylie I didn't mean make coffee. I meant shake the living daylights out of her! We have to communicate better!!!! Too funny. Oh, I'm so happy to have an assistant. Honey, you need some tea and a scone? Good, I'll prepare one for you too. So glad you're here. Or there. Where the hell are you?

    Cinnamon you better participate in this game as well. I can hardly wait. It's too much fun. It's wonderful to learn more about people you care for. Love you dear.

    Kylie...*taps foot, crosses arms* "I'm waiting."


    P.S. Talked to Bindi a few nights ago. Serene is up all day, Noah sleeps all day. Serene sleeps all night, Noah's awake all night. Poor Bindi is exhausted. We cried, we laughed. She's okay. She's safe. She's happy. She has two amazing kids and she's grateful. Hopefully Cece will visit soon and take photos because the photos I was supposed to get from a friend never materialized. You should hear Serene. She speaks beautifully in both languages. She's a little smarty pants and VERY opinionated!!! It's too funny. Bindi doesn't have access to a computer because when she left you know, she left with the cloths on her back, but wants you all to know she thinks of you every day and loves the whole gang. Nothing changed. She's a good woman Kylie. She's a better woman than I'll ever be.

    I love you.


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