Saturday, 14 February 2009

This is what Sydney looks like today, wonderful weather for all those couples snuggling under doonas and what have you........
The girls & Dimples & I went to yum cha this morning, a birthday celebration for Dimple's best friend. They have gone to his place now to play Wii and Nintendo and so on. I took Liam (no. 1 son) to the shops with me. We got lots of delicious smelling fruit and some veggies to make minestrone. (I can't believe that last weekend was sooo hot, deathly hot, and now the weather is cool enough to make soup attractive.) A wander around what I still insist on calling the "video shop" (old habits die hard) and we picked on " Zombie Strippers"
I'm rather looking forward to it. Soup and Strippers.
A perfect rainy Saturday.


  1. Wonderful photo Kylie. You have the Sydney Bridge, Leah has the Brooklyn and I have the Golden Gate. They truly are magnificent pieces of both architecture and art.

  2. i loved this photo too. it's not mine though, i lifted it off google.
    i never knew bridges were so endlessly attractive to so many until i started blogging!

    enjoy your weekend bob

  3. What is going on with the weather ?

    Hope you enjoyed your soup- Saturday just starting here..


  4. hey cinnamon,
    who knows what is up with the weather? i only know that it is cold for summer.
    the soup was great. i gave up on the movie, it was meant to be similar to "sean of the dead" which was silly/ funny but good entertainment but this one was just ridiculous

    enjoy your saturday


  5. LOL!!! Soup and strippers... Sounds good to me too... ;)

    Sydney weathers becoming almost as changeable as Melbourne weather eh? Last night there was a red moon in Melbourne... Red?!?

    And yum cha... always yummy...

    Sounds like such a great day,

    Much love my friend,


  6. we had a red moon a while back.....
    weird, huh?
    it has been a great day

    you must be feeling better?
    love ya


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