Sunday, 8 March 2009

A Day Out

Yesterday I was so tired of the whole Saturday routine, which involves shopping most weeks. I don't have a lot of choices about that but yesterday I did so we went for a drive.

I have been admiring Kris' photos at "This Will Hurt Me" and he told me how to upsize them. He must have a better camera or know something I don't because his shots don't have the pixelated look that mine do. Anyhow, I thought I might leave these big because I think it better shows off the glorious colours and textures of the bush and the beach. Or would you rather a smaller clearer photo?

Garie Beach

Rocks at Wattamolla

Wattamolla Lagoon

Sandstone cliff face alongside the lagoon

It was a really good day, I got a touch of sunburn and used more time than I really had but it was so good to get out there. We cruised through the heathland of the Royal National Park, enjoyed the water and a drive through the subtropical rainforest at the southern end of the park. The dappled shade and the cool damp air was beautiful, birds called and the kids were chilled. We stopped to watch a paraglider take off and we walked and drove over the sea cliff bridge. Liam decided to run the length of the bridge. He was barefoot and now his toes are blistered, poor kid. I didn't think of that and neither did he but he is uncomplaining and good humoured about it all.
Well, that's me signing out.


  1. Very cool photos Kylie. It certainly was a scenic, sunny afternoon for you and the kids. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Ah what a great day- I echo Bob- thanks for sharing.

    That lagoon looks very inviting :)

  3. I love the large photos--captures the scale a bit!

    This is delightful--thank you.


  4. Nothing mixes better than the ocean and family. I really am homesick for the ocean, even though I have never lived close to one in this lifetime. I love the ocean and the sand and the surf. And SEAFOOD!!!! Now I'm hungry.

  5. Kia ora Kylie,
    How wonderful! A bit of lovely Nature and family. Much better than shopping. A day to always remember.

  6. cinnamon,
    the kids were most disappointed they didnt have swimmers because they thought the lagoon was rather inviting too.
    actually, it is the first time ever that they have managed to stay dry in such a situation :)


  7. leah,
    yes, i think the large photos are good, esp for scenery. i have to work on it though, i'm not convinced they are as good as they could be :)


  8. cece,
    there is just something so soothing about the sea. and seafood is wonderful!


  9. robb,
    MUCH better than shopping! you inspired me to get out of the rut, if only for a brief moment.


  10. Good for you guys! Hope the well-named boy's toes heal up soon.

    I like the large photos and I want to go there!

  11. Hi Kylie,

    Wish it were right here for a nice walk and maybe a swim. Weather's turning chilly again. Looks like fun out there!

    Best wishes,


  12. hey megan,
    the boy is good!

    hope you are too

  13. skeeter
    it really was fun!

    you will soon be enjoying the sun while i shiver through winter. it's always so hard for me to imagine that

    take care

  14. Kylie, did you make sure that you changed the "/s400/" to "/s800/"? you can even change it to "/s1600/" to make sure that the image quality is high.

    Similarly, if the original image is scaled smaller than (for example) 800 pixels across, it will appear pixelated when blown up larger.

    Plus, the width of your template also affects what can be seen. If you chose a blogger template that allows for two columns, with one that stretches to the extreme right or left of the screen, the pictures will more comfortably fit. This template here is pretty narrow and will chop off larger images.

  15. thanks kris,
    i had a quick look at that, i had forgotten, but it still isnt so great.
    i did think that a different template would be better but do i really want to change the template i like for my rare and average photos?



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