Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A few pictures from my neighbourhood........

This is a but fuzzy and it doesn't do justice to the scene. It is a grevillea underplanted with native violet. It is notable if only for the fact that at this house they have completely done away with lawn.

Our suburb was built about 50 years ago and the old houses are being torn down to make way for things like this.

More native violets, a little overexposed but lovely.

I only know these as "succulents". I like the greyish colour and the wonderful repetitive nature of the design.

One of the original old fibros.

Walking down my street.

I drive past this house most days but only just noticed the explosion of colour across the front fence.


  1. "Oh I simply adored 'being here on the street where you live,'" she sings in a rather silly sort of fashion. Pretty, pretty flowers. I love your native violets and have them spreading in my own gardens. They live nestled close to my house in the entryway. Thanks for the tour. : )

  2. Mark wants to put in natives in our front yard so he doesn't have to mow.
    Our suburb looks very much like yours where the 2 bedrooms houses are being knocked down for huge mansions to be built. No backyard every available inch of space is used right up to the fence. Ex housing commission houses being bought and renovated as well.
    I'm off to Helen's school this evening for an information night. The school is trying to do the french trip again. This time they are including the year 9's as well to make up some numbers. The year 12's most likey won't go as they will be about to have exams in september. Oh well there goes alot of money but I'd rather she had the opportunity than not at all.

  3. I just came from talking to Hillary, so I'm crying of course. Nothing changes. I miss her as if she walked away yesterday.

    This is such a beautiful post. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed walking through your neighborhood. It's beautiful. And yes, even in my own people are buying $500,000 ranch homes and turning them into million dollar homes. Two are just around the block. Kind of sad, but progress is progress. You and I know, nothing stands still.

    As I write this Debbie is looking at me. I've been a horrible friend. I've neglected so many. I'm reminded to make an effort as I look at her beautiful photo.

    Thanks for this one baby.


    P.S. Jo, love you. You're a great mom.

  4. hi jo,
    i love that no mowing idea (even though i don't mow!) but somehow a neat bit of lawn makes a house look tidier or something....

    it would be nice if helen could do the trip. it is a lot of money but she would remember it forever. i hope it works out.

    liam asked me the other day "if i wanted to go on the trip to china could i go?"
    i didnt understand how he could go when he isn't studying mandarin but thinking of the opportunity i said i would try to make it happen.

    then he told me he didnt actually want to go!
    easy :)


  5. suzy
    thanks for taking pity on this post.
    that old fibro is probably $500 000 worth but even a mansion on the same spot probably couldnt make a mill.
    developers would put two duplexes on the block and sell them for $600 000 each.


  6. Very cool Kyles,

    Thanks heaps for your kind email and your beautiful heart,

    Sending you my love,


  7. Kia ora Kylie,
    Cheers for the enjoyable visit to your world. Lovely.


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