Wednesday, 25 March 2009


my last post was a bit boring i guess so i wanted to do another.
problem is, i don't have anything interesting to say. i bet you do though......
GO ON!!!!!!!


  1. Kath and Kim would say look at me, Look at me. This weirdo has a red shirt but his head should be read.
    Hope the mobile fries what there is of a brain extant in his cranium.

  2. That sort of body modification fascinates me to no end. I see it often in NYC with plates inserted, but never put to such practical use!

  3. Aaaargh! The gene pool!!!!!

  4. Your last post wasn't boring- i enjoyed your pictures and the tour of your neighbourhood! As now, I was snatching a bit of blogging-with-breakfast and suddenly realised I had to be AT WORK, so, as now, I did not have time enough to comment- except that now...I will be late :)

  5. Kyles,

    I dunno if you'll get this in time but at 9.30 tonight on ABC TV my friend Suze is on Q and A,

    Much love,


  6. thanks m
    i got it on time!!!!

  7. actually i don't - I thought I did when I hit the comment link - but now I actually think about it I have nothing of interest to say.

  8. well mr c,
    tell me how you got here?????

  9. leah,
    it kind of fascinates me, too

    and i wonder what happens if you change your mind?

  10. cinnamon,
    i'll write you a late note if it helps :)

  11. See me reet? I'd imagine that this body-mod man would have to be very polite to everyone he meets.

    Otherwise.. that thing would be very painful being ripped out.

    In Scotland they would eat him alive and then steal his phone.

    The last time I was in Oz (Albury, NSW) they would have done the same thing.

    Not my cup of tea at all.

  12. I imagine he'll probaly regret that one day. And I agree with Cinnamon, your last post wasn't boring at all. Actually I'm looking forward to the next one, you know, being naked and all. I'll let you borrow the lobster socks so you don't catch a chill! Just wait to post until after I win them, okay? Sunday for you.


    P.S. I know you weren't being sarcastis. I just love to have fun with you and I needed a competitive edge. That's the best I could come up with in the wee hours of morn. Love you darling. Too bad we have to wait so long. And then he's going to pick three? Why? Then what? We have to share?! Cut the socks into thirds and each get a loop? What!!?

  13. how did I get here? Uh, ok. Well, when a man and woman love each other...

  14. Kylie, I think if he changes his mind, he's well screwed.

  15. If he changes his mind, he could always choose the T.V. remote instead. Suze isn't going to win the socks. And I liked your last post too, I just didn't get to see it until today.

  16. Hi Kylie,

    Absolutely amazing. Wonder if he'll think so highly of that mod when he is older.

    Best wishes,


  17. Kia ora Kylie,
    A far too real reflection of modern society and our need to literally never be disattached from the devices we now believe we cannot operate or "live" without.

  18. jimmy!!! ya bastard :)

    you got rellies in albury?

    lovely seein you here

    come back soon

  19. suze
    i might just do another post like that. if you are just being polite you will regret it

    yes, me naked with a plant. hmmmm


  20. thanks mr c.....

    smart alec

  21. leah,
    i'm trying to imagine that ear on a 70 year old :)

  22. cece
    no way suze can win the socks against my naked body....

    with socks.....

    sexy :)

  23. skeeter
    have a wonderful weekend!

  24. kia ora robb :)
    thats twice you commented today!
    yep. i saw it

    i cant really comment on the stuff we cant live without. i'm so sadly blog addicted!
    its that thing of needing to be "in touch" all the while becoming less and less in touch

    i love having you here. take care


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