Saturday, 28 March 2009


yep, today i have washed and hung out three loads of washing. i have washed and not hung out another two. i have showered and had two coffees. i have eaten a bowl of muesli and read my favourite bits of the newspaper. i have put out the rubbish and browsed blogland. i have washed up three drainers full of dishes, too. i still need to vacuum. i should get a haircut and i told the girls we might be able to do some baking. that would mean shopping.
at this stage i will probably get overwhelmed and give up, thus achieving no more than what i have already.


  1. A very good start to a rowsy,balmy Saturday at very, approx 33deg S and 135deg E in Sydney.

    I found that in 1 mile or 1500 metres races you must run well in the last of 4 laps! Wouldn't be graet if life was like that. Maybe the TdF analogy would be more constructive.

    I'm sure you'll see the day out in style Kylie.

  2. The above comment was not meant to be anonymouse

  3. Looks as if I can't type or spell though my spelling is better than my typing! Corrections below.

    Wouldn't it be great ....

    Anonymous not Anonymouse! Maybe there is such a rodent.

  4. I'm tired just reading all of the things you did. I don't get that much accomplished in a month.

  5. Sounds like what my tomorrow is gonna be like. Except I kind of have to come through on the shopping part, as Liam wants to spend his birthday money he got from his uncle.

    Spending free money is always more fun.

  6. Aah I see your Saturday is much the same as mine. In fact the new washing machine i bought a couple of weekends ago, courtesy of Kevin Rudd's stimulus package money, has just finished washing some clothes and i should go and out them out on the line.

  7. dad,
    a number of anonymouses visit our birdcage so i can attest to the existance of such a thing!

  8. megs
    whats liam gonna get??

  9. and liam wants to know how much?

  10. quote "megan and you are gonna sound like retards"

  11. jo!

    what kind of washer did you get??

    i should do that

  12. get a new machine, that is

    i hung the washing out

    ALL of it


  13. I did a buttload of laundry too. The last load is just now running through the drier--it's midnight!!!

    I'm going to bake gingerbread tomorrow morning with Ella--we're having friends over for lunch and knitting.


  14. Yup it is now 7.55 am Saturday morning here- and i have much the same ahead of me, except that my washing machine is making funny groaning noises and this is my only chance to get access to older teen's bedroom before he returns from his jolly jaunt in Cornwall.

    The pressure's on :)

  15. ps hope you get some time for 'you' this evening :)

  16. The washing machine is a Fisher & Paykel. 5.5kg top loader. My old simpson washer was at least 10 to 12 yrs old. The bearings were worn out. I wanted to get a new one before it stopped completely. Also got the delivery driver to take the old dryer away. It was really old and given to me when Helen was a baby to dry the nappies and clothes in the winter. I hadn't dare use it for a while as i was afraid it might start a fire.
    Have a great Sunday.

  17. Don't even get me started on laundry and washers. You know how much laundry I do every day with all the kitties and dog, the slipcovers, the tush pads, etc. I'm lucky, I just throw everything in the dryer. If I had to hang things on a line I'd probably be nutty by now. I'm not nutty, am I? Phew. A woman's work is never done.

    The inhumanity.

  18. Suzy...

    Who the heck do you think does the laundry, cooks, vacuums, and scrubs toilets around the Abode of Bobness? That's right sista it is me. That doesn't mean I like doing them, but this man can handle his stuff.

    This may hurt you in the lobster sock contest.

  19. Well, you have accomplished more for a Saturday than I have, but then again, it's only 10:19 am Saturday morning. I have to fold a load of laundry that is in the dryer, but other than that, it is all caught up. What I must focus on are the floors, but I cannot do that until my husband wakes up for the day. The vaccume is too noisy. I suppose I could use a broom and just sweep it up with broom and dust pan, but a vaccume is much easier. (I have mostly tile and hardwoods in my house. Very little carpet) No I think my biggest challenge for the day it keeping my kids from fighting with each other, which I am failing at miserably. And grocerie shopping, which I HATE doing. The boys are driving me crazy and I would like to choke them already. They have been fighting and bickering since their eyes opened this morning. ARGGGH!

  20. I've gotten through 1/2 a cup of coffee so far.

  21. Well, I've finished the grocery shopping, made cup cakes, folded the laundry and swept the floors. Plus, I've managed to not kill my kids. I need a nap.

  22. Cece, you are a saint.

    Bob (The perfect housekeeper). I'm the only other person, beside Cece to actually follow the freakin' rules. You can't possibly elimiate me because I made an effort and actually went back and read the freakin' rules. You can't. I will drive to San Jose, pick up Robyn and Random Chic and kick your ass with witnesses. No. I'm not kidding. I followed the rules. Cece should win, but I should be runner-up!!!!!

    When you say "handle your stuff," what does that really mean?


    P.S. I love you and when the hell are you posting the results? You're making me crazy with this crap.

  23. Hey baby, darling,'s that time!!! Time to vote at Bob's. I'm rounding up friends. Vote for the most deserving!!! And don't feel guilty.

    No, you didn't make the top three. Bite me! (Guess that'll be a vote for CSI or Cece.) I'm doin' the Lord's work!

    Happy Monday. Tuesday. Right?

  24. hi cece
    hi bob
    hi suze
    hi leah
    hi cinnamon
    hi jo

    as you have probably seen by my latest post, i'm too tired and cranky to reply to you all properly.
    thanks for dropping by and isn't it amazing how laundry got everyone talking!!!

    love youse all


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