Friday, 20 March 2009

just a quick observation today:
a young factory hand at work moved out of home a couple of weeks back. since then he has had three days off work.
the doom & gloom crowd there think he is living a life of debauchery, enjoying his new found freedom
a fella who is keen to see him leave the job and look for something more ambitious thinks he is off looking for another job
i think he is probably just sick

isn't it interesting how we overlay others' stories with our own world view ??


  1. Oh yes. It is very interesting. And probably unstoppable, I think. No matter how hard you try, you can't help but wonder and when you wonder about something, there you are in your own head, where the Great Big "I" lives!

  2. Very true! We can reveal a lot about ourselves through what we say about others.

    It's a good job people can't hear our thoughts- like that mel gibson film 'what women want' (or some title like that)!

    Generally 'being off sick' from the workplace is regarded with suspicion, speculation and gossip- and not usually with the sympathy it deserves :)

  3. hi megan!
    i think you are right about the way we are unstoppable in this. i just found the responses fascinating


  4. cinnamon,
    i loved that film but right now i cant remember it much at all!
    i'm like that with books too: enjoy for the moment then move on.

    my mum has a great saying "he (she) judges everyone by himself"
    which basically means that we ascribe our own motives to others.

    its a great saying and often the principle it speaks of is quite enlightening


  5. Way back in the 20th century when I still worked for a living my workmates encouraged one another in taking "the sickie". It was not in my memory subject to judgemental adjudication. When a mate returned to the work scene after a genuine illness, or injury that caused enforced absence ones mates sympathised with you on missing a real "illegal" holiday.


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