Monday, 16 March 2009


Thanks to Cinnamon I have a pretty new award, the Lemonade Award, apparently bestowed for attitude and gratitude.
I guess it is all about that old wisdom "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade".
Well, I don't know if I come up to scratch on the gratitude thing but I am a work in progress and I might make it by the time I reach my grave.
I reckon I probably pass with flying colours on attitude but I wouldn't want to rest on my laurels there...............
In the spirit of the award, but not following the rules, I would like to make a couple of nominations:
Maithri is about to head off to Africa so he might not even see this but he is great at gratitude. He's got attitude too, just not the same kind as me!
Rob in New Zealand doesn't seem like the kind of blogger to go in for awards too much but he's one of natures gentlemen and I reckon he qualifies.
Mr Shife is about to have an attitude shift he can barely imagine and what more beautiful thing to be grateful for than a wee one!
Way to go fellas!
I stop there only because I'm short of stuff to say tonight but really and truly, I don't like people with bad attitude so if I give you time of day, you qualify.

love to you all

and thanks Cinnamon :)


  1. Kylie, I LOVE the new header!

  2. Wow, the header is great- so colourful- striking!

  3. Hi Kylie,
    Love your new bright header. Mark has refreshed my page as i was having trouble with links and redid the blog roll. I will put a new post up soon in between Helen using the computer.Hope you had a good day?

  4. Also I'm about to go to the podiatrist about my sore feet. I've been told it is what they used to called policeman's feet caused from a lot of walking. So it will be interesting what she has to say.

  5. Wow! Love the new header. I looked a long, long time!

    Congrats to all the lucky recipients of your award. And Jo, I hope you feel better soon.

    Love to all.


  6. Awards are more effort than they are worth. I mean, shit, now I've got to pick 8 more people and they choose 8 more, and they choose 8 more...


    Sorry, just venting...and you weren't even the person that awarded me!

    Grumpy Monday, sorreeee!!!!

  7. I'm humbled and honoured dear friend,

    Beautiful new look to the blog,

    Lotsa love, M

  8. Thank you Kylie. It is very much appreciated. And the blog's new look is awesome. Thanks again.

  9. Kylie,
    The new header reminds me of some of the patterns derived from a fairly new branch of mathematics.
    That's the CHAOS theory area.

  10. leah!
    thanks babe, just goes to show you are a woman of taste

    take care eh

  11. g'day cinnamon,
    i see you are another woman of style.

  12. jo,
    i've heard of all sorts of diseases and complaints but never of policemans feet......
    i feel another expense coming on!

    i hope it's helpful, let me know

    love to mark & helen

  13. suze!
    thanks, it's a long way from roses....
    it's a phoenix


  14. megs,
    iremember when you assessed me as sometimes cranky and i wondered if it was so much on show......
    but it really just takes one to know one :)

    vent all you like. i love getting the goodwill in an award but i have to agree that they can be hard work.
    who to give them to?
    is it the same recipient as last time?
    if i give it to everyone do i devalue it?

    yep. minefield.

    happy st patricks day


  15. maistro :)
    you know, i wanted to get a new little picture for my sidebar. yesterday i managed to not only survive but almost laugh through a verballing that would usually crush me so i thought i phoenix would be good and when i saw this beautiful thing i couldnt leave it in the sidebar so .....
    voila! new look blog

    love back atcha

  16. shifester!
    you are very welcome.
    best wishes for the big day and the thousands to come!

  17. dad!
    it might be chaotic but also so very "kylie"
    on a couple of levels :)


  18. And I just wanted to wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  19. Kia ora Kylie,
    Thank you for that, you really made my day! I am quite busy with work at the moment and this provided me with some energy and a smile and I write to you Kia ora!

  20. mr shife,
    and a belated st pats day to you :)

  21. rob,
    i'm glad to be of service......

    only that makes me sound a bit questionable :)


  22. That does sound a bit questionable. What is this, the Wild Onion? You better be wearing something young lady! Yes, I know your family reads this. *Steps up to mic,* "Family, don't worry, she really is a good girl." *Kylie can be seen fluffing her red cyber nerd dress and shining her black patent leather platforms.*


  23. Happy (belated) St Pat's to you as well.

    When did I ever call you cranky?


  24. Oh, and wonderful header, beautiful, gorgeous, etc. etc.


  25. Hi Kylie,
    sorry i didn't get back to you the other day. Helen has been controlling the computer of late.
    Although when i said i hadn't got to check up on the blog and emails she replied very indignantly "You only had to say you wanted use it" aah! Anyway foot problem is a heel spur from all the walking i do. I've only waited 18 months to do something about it. Thought it would go away by itself.
    Did you hear about the earthquake we had yesterday? I was in a beauty shop lying on the bed when all of a sudden the bed was shaking. The lady who was working on me said "that was a bit of a rumble must be the washing machine. I joked maybe it was another earthquake that we had 2 weeks ago. I got home to be greeted by Helen at the computer saying did you feel the earthquake.
    I know you Americans experience them a lot. Here we get them very rarely. It was only 4.5 on the ritcher scale.
    Hope your day was good?
    Better go and get the washing out.
    Bye Jo.

  26. Well, you certainly have the attitude! LOL. I love you.

  27. suzy!
    my shoes are so shiny i can see my knickers in them

    and so can everyone else :)

  28. hi jo,
    i just tell my mob to shove over cos i want the computer. i call it a benign dictatorship :)

    i know that heel spurs are painful, i hope you can get that sorted out quickly

    talking of foot issues: briony has plantar warts. she was unimpressed with the doctor freezing them on monday but they are already less painful.
    it might take a number of treatments so i'm glad we got them early.......

    have a wonderful weekend

  29. cece :)
    lovely to have you drop by!
    i think you know what you are talking about with attitude!



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