Wednesday, 4 March 2009

My favourite clothes #1

I was shopping in a designer warehouse outlet and saw this dress. I had to have it. It is silk with crushed velvet belt and binding. There is a velvet strip around the bottom of the dress, too. In this pic you can just see how the red is beginning to fade through to bronze. I'm not normally a bronze wearer but in this it is just perfect.
Dresses in this fabric and this brand are usually around $400 but this was $85. I have said I could be buried in this dress but now I'm not sure........
Anyway, it's a fave because it falls beautifully, looks fabbo, feels wonderful and didn't cost the earth :)


  1. Well, I don't swear on this blog anymore, but I'll tell ya somethin' honey...ya got your *&#*#^g moneys worth baby!!!!!! You look SO, SO, SO beautiful. Oh, and honestly, the dress almost matches your true color. What? No, I'm not dead yet.

    Oh, and might I add...I'm #1! Oh, and what shoes. I'm a shoe girl. I used to have hundreds and hundreds (no joke), I'm down to flip flops and tennis or running shoes. Yes, life changed. Oh, right, my sexy black thingies are still hanging from the disco ball at the Wild Onion. *Kylie and Blottie sit on Macy's sofa eating scones and drinking tea waiting for Jorge to knock black heels off disco ball so they can "WANG CHUNG TONIGHT."*

    Love you doll. XO

  2. thanks babe!
    well, thats why it's not a full length shot! i dont have the right ones (will find them sometime) but i wear the dress with the wrong shoes and pretend i havent noticed. nothing is gonna stop me wearing this baby!

  3. You know I adore this. You really do look great.

  4. Wow, just came back for a second look. Do you realize you're showing cleavage?!

  5. My question I wanted to ask has lost its mojo with this post.

    Sexy, baby!

  6. but megan,

  7. Hi Kylie!

    It's a very nice dress, and those colors are perfect! Of course I am partial to red and white. I live about two miles from the campus of the University of Oklahoma and crimson and cream are our colors. Great threads!

    Best wishes,



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