Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Today the Ezibuy Catalogue arrived in the mail. I haven't bought anything from them for a long, long time but they keep sending the catalogue and I keep dreaming over stuff I just don't need.
This outfit in the main picture is my favourite this time around. I could have it for a mere $250


  1. How many coffees and scones could yoy buy at THE COLLANADES for $AU250?

  2. I love this outfit! I want it too!

    But I picked a second hand Dyson Vacuum cleaner for that much instead.

    I'm so dull. :(

  3. This is why I have to get to the mail before Mrs. Shife does. I have to hide those darn catalogs because she finds stuff like you do. I agree that is a lovely outfit but $250. She always gets mad because I can buy 5 or 6 outfits for that price and she can only get one. Well if you do get the outfit it is lovely and I hope you enjoy it.

  4. Yes, go for it Kylie!

  5. I don't know Kyles, you might could shop around and find basically the same outfit (only not the name brand stuff) for less. That is me, Mrs. Frugle speaking. I hate to shop for clothes, but then again, most things look terrible on me, so it is just depressing.

  6. anon,
    i never pay at the colonnades, so i could have A LOT
    now cafe 62 is a whole different story......

  7. karen,
    a second hand dyson is way more practical
    oh how i would like a dyson

  8. mr shife,
    i wont actually buy it, just look and drool.....
    but your wife sounds like a wonderful woman :)

  9. cece,
    i was ms frugal for so long. now i splash out sometimes.
    i'm sure there is stuff out there that looks fab on you, especially when you have your make up ;)


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