Monday, 2 March 2009

I had such a good run on the blogging there but it all looks set to crumble. The kids really like me to watch TV with them and I have a "date" for pretty much every night:
Mon: Desperate Housewives with the girls
Tues: NCIS with the boys
Wed: House cause I love it
Thurs: Greys Anatomy with the girls & because I always have one favourite soap
Fri: there's often a good movie on and I watch with whoever is interested

So, after I cook, clean, go to work, shop, sleep, eat & occasionally scratch there isn't a whole lot of time left. Bear with me while I figure something out........


  1. Don't worry, Kylie, you'll manage to sneak something in--I post in the wee hours of morn and eve--

  2. I quit cleaning to make time.

  3. Freedom to choose how to spend out free time -- that's a blessing! I'll keep my eyes open for your posts. Like an unexpected bloom on a bush or a passle of change int he sofa -- I love a good surprise. ; ) EnJOY life!

  4. hi all!!!
    undoubtedly i will find time to blog but i see a whole lot of silly nonsense posts rather than anything i've sunk my teeth into.
    it feels like looking forward to a life of mc Donalds food......

    you are just the best

  5. Love the picture! It's good to watch tv with the kids- it's spending time together.

  6. Yay!! Another desperate housewives fan.I used to watch house and Grey's anatomy with Helen but she seems to have lost interest ,so have I. I've just remembered why, chatting to friends on msn in the evening now. Band is on Monday nights and she won't miss that for anything.
    Look forward to seing you again soon.
    Jo. x

  7. Of course we'll wait.

    Here's a tip that might help - I often use my laptop to write short (pre-publication) posts while I watch my kids at sport ....

  8. We'll be here for ya.

    I'm having a hard time gathering my thoughts just now, to post anything of merit.

  9. I'll be back. I have a question for you but I have to figure out how to put it...

  10. ask whatever you like. i understand straightforward people


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