Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I keep telling my kids i'm hot..............

finally i have proof !!!

Thanks leah :)

now, under the rules of the award i have to tell you why i'm sexy. didn't leah already do that?

didn't she say i'm funny & womanly & communicative?

well, my five are:

  • i can laugh at myself
  • i know how to work what i have
  • i'm a flirt
  • i'm hot

& i'm hot

all my nominees are probably already recipients but here goes:

just bob because if you can make a woman laugh you're halfway up her leg

maithri and skeeter because a tender heart is always sexy

cinnamon because she's smart and classy and knows how to laugh

cece because she tells it like it is and that's sexy


  1. I LOVE it!!!! And yes, you are HOTTT!! This was a great post. I love what you said about Bob. You have a great way with words. You're adorable AND sexy!!!

  2. Hot like fire baby.......ouch!

    Love ya hun

    Peej xxxxxx

  3. pj you're the hottest thing around

    love ya babe

  4. I LOVE EVERY WORD. You ARE hot!!! And you're smart (and that's really, really sexy). Oh, and you wear red rubber shoes. Please, do you know what that means? Passion from head to toe.

    I'm not suppposed to be here because I have massive amounts of work to get done, but I'm going to peak around. You're choices? Fabulous!

    Love you darling,

  5. Kylie, I've already been here twice, but forgot to comment! Duh. Here I am, love your post.

  6. You're not just hot.

    You're SMOKIN' hot!

    Work it, Kylie!

  7. suze
    red rubber sounds very s&m

  8. megan
    takes one to know one!

  9. zack!!!!
    soo good to see you
    is that a gun in your pocket?


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