Wednesday, 1 April 2009

i really wish i had something to post. i wish i had something interesting to say but it's just life as usual here at utopia.

it was raining cats and dogs this morning so i drove the boys to school. along with every other mother in sydney.

work was average.

i didnt buy enough chocolate to last me the week and now i have a craving. it might be for chocolate.

there is a barbecue lunch planned for work on friday and rain is forecast.



must go.....

house will be on soon and the kids all need to check their travian status as a matter of urgency.

ciao, aroha and bye

a few hours on i have something to say: i have started to watch "the Sartorialist" quite frequently. tonight i decided to post a comment on THIS PHOTO. far from the general tone of the comments there i wrote "if i looked like this it would be because they were the three items not in the wash"
it seems i haven't made it through comment moderation. and he has immediately lost cred with me


  1. Ahhahaha!!! I love this post. What a fantastic grumpy photo--you just made me laugh!!!!

  2. thanks leah
    i kinda hoped it would be a mildly funny post

  3. Now you do really look like Aunty Jack from Wollongong!

  4. I love your pic, just like I was feeling last night...teenage grandkids and hubby,ugh!!

    Checked out the pic, did like the outfit...but, I would not put them together. Your comment was posted though.

    Hope you get some chocolate soon!!

  5. Hiya. What's travian and why does it have a status?

  6. I thought the outfit was total emperor's new clothes. I saw your comment, hee hee! Good for you.

  7. Mistress Kylie,

    Look at your hair!!!!! WILD THING!!!

    Love it darl,

    love ya,

    Peej xxx

  8. The hair, that expression! Definitely wild. We've received a lot of rain here and a little snow too.

    Best wishes,


  9. make this pic you facebook profile. it's exactly you.

  10. I had forgotten about Aunty Jack. Brings back memories of those good old days. But yes you do look like it with the hair i mean. Not the face.

  11. anon (dad?)
    but i dont know who aunty jack is

    it's one thing i am too young to remember!

  12. gig,
    i liked all the things in the outfit. it was even ok all together but it wasnt good enough for an international class fashion blog.
    i take back the bit about him losing cred!


  13. megs
    travian is an online game they play......

    they check how their town is going every five minutes.


  14. leah
    check out what i said to gig about it.....

    i'd love to compare notes with you on his pictures

  15. peej,

    wild is one word

    hot is another goodie :)

  16. skeeter
    your winter seems to go on for ever and ever
    i hope you like snow :)

  17. na!

    thats a great idea except i dont use facebook :)

  18. hi jo
    i Told you about liam wanting to go to china and then not, didnt i?

    now he wants to go again!

    one day to the weekend :)

  19. Hi Kylie!

    Late getting here- and now I am confused :) You have a new profile photo- but the photo on the post- isn't you is it? Is it?????
    Ah well, no matter- I pull those faces all the time especially around laundry issues!
    I went to the blog but couldn't find the photo ( which I thought you said had comments on it).I looked through April and March. I've got it wrong havn't I? I've got blogger'sbrain I think.

    Have a great weekend Kylie!

  20. hey cinnamon,
    it sounds to me like end-of-the-week-brain!
    the photo on the post is me. liam took it while i was trying to take a ring off. the ring fits fine, once it's over my big knuckle :)

    did you click the link in the post or in the side bar?
    the one in the post takes you direct to the photo i was referring to and the comments are below it

    have a wonderful weekend!


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