Friday, 3 April 2009

my favourite clothes II

For me one of the great things about parenting (the greatest?) is watching the people I have brought into the world unfold. Tonight the girls are off to the school disco. Up to now they have had no great interest in what they wear to these events and there have been times when I have almost been ashamed of their dress. Showing up in the first thing they can find, as they do and not prepared to have me dictate hasn't made for sartorial elegance. Today though, The Princess decided on the checked dress over the skinny leg jeans and declared that The Tomboy was not to wear the same thing.
This caused a problem because the checked dress and the skinny leg jeans are the items of the moment and there are not too many other options. After all, they spend most of their lives in school uniform so there's just no call for an extensive disco wardrobe.
Miss Tomboy has decided that Mum's clothes are a good option in a scrape so she had a scrounge and settled on a decidedly ordinary green shirt, unironed for the grunge effect, with the skinny jeans. Then a further dig in the wardrobe produced a waistcoat. Many sizes too big and twenty years old but sparkly and colourful it was just the thing!
I always loved the waistcoat and even without much reason to wear it these days I couldn't part with it.
I'm just delighted and amused with the whole story. I think the clothing dictatorship is funny, I love the resourcefulness of looking through Mums gear, most of all I love the way she has the panache to put together a pile of stuff that doesn't fit, is unironed and out of date. And she looks great. Scruffy but great. That's my girl!


  1. Looks like the genetics is still working fashionably.

  2. I can't dress myself. I wear what is comfortable and not always in style. Could be one of the many reasons I'm not popular with women.

  3. Helen used to dress like that in the last stages of primary school. Even now she just finds something to go with her black jeans throws that on and jazzes it up with a sparking scarf and she comes out looking really smart. She always seemed to have the knack with little effort. Even when playing tennis she managed to look neat and sporty to go with the theme.
    So is Liam going to go to China? I have my doubts about the French trip happening because Helen has only found about five others who have said they were going.

  4. bob
    the only reason you might not be popular with women is because you tell them you are not.
    believe whatever you want but if you keep saying it you reinforce it.
    dont do that.

  5. megs
    woo hoo indeed

    they had a blast

    have a great weekend

  6. hi jo
    we havent exactly decided if liam is going. the deposit is due at the end of the month so there are a few weeks to go............

    if helen has a flair for fashion thats a wonderful gift, so good for self esteem

    have fun and say g'day to mark for me

  7. Swinging baby!!

    Peej xxxx


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