Thursday, 9 April 2009

I'm tired and uninspired right now, probably as fragile as these eggs and as pretty if i'm having a good day.
If I have any blinding flashes of inspiration I'll be back.
Meanwhile I'll just ask you:
Whether you are religious or not and whoever you believe Jesus to be: Is there anything about His life , His teaching, His death or His resurrection that inspires you? anything you have learned from Him,

Does anything about Jesus impact on your life in any way?

Have a lovely Easter,


  1. Yes we are religious and are off to the Good Friday service in the morning.

  2. Oh boy, Kylie.

    At this point in my life, I'm against dogma of all sorts.

    But there's not many arguments you can put up against "love thy neighbor as thyself."

    I hold onto that one with all my heart.

  3. You know, as a Jew, I was taught that Jesus was a charismatic messianic leader rather that the Son of God and the Messiah himself... but I have to say that he has meaning for me. I just haven't figured out what the meaning is. I feel an odd sort of kinship with him. I can't explain it more than that...

  4. Honey, remember when I asked about the meaning of love at the Wild Onion and you replied, something like "Suze, jeazzzzzzzzzze." Well that's how I feel.

    First, the eggs are gorgeous. Did you make them? Of course I'm laughing!

    Swear to God I grew up in a diverse household: Catholic dad, Methodist mother, two grandmothers who converted to Jehovah's Witness in their later years after being longtime Catholics. Forgive me if I sound a bit confused at times!!! Oh, almost forgot to mention, Rob's dad is a retired Methodist minister. All I need is a Rabi and I'll feel complete! But I'll tell you something funny, what that did is open my eyes. You know I'm not religious, but I believe in God, but I don't believe God is a man. That offends me as a feminist. I see God in everything. My grandmother and I used to debate that to no end and we enjoyed every single word! She was smart and funny and she always gave me a run for my money. She made me think and I miss her with all my heart. So in honor of her I will answer your question.

    Yes, I believe in Jeasus. I ask him, God and Saint Francis to look over me every day. I rarely leave the driveway without saying "Please protect me." I have a lot of responsibilty and I'm afraid I might fail, so I ask for their love and guidance because there are so many who depend on me. They've never abandoned me except when Ireland escaped the carrier. I was angry with St. Francis a long, long time. But, I've forgiven him.

    Jesus has taught me tolerance. He's taught me to have hope and faith. There are days that are so complicated and hard, I look to the sky and feel comfort. I can honestly say, I feel him. I know he watches over me because there have been times I thought I would crumble, but didn't.

    Thank you. And have a lovely Easter dear friend.


  5. Oh, and responsibility is spell like that!


  6. hi jo
    i hope there was a blessing in it for you!

  7. megs!
    i'm not to keen on dogma myself....

    love thy neighbour is surely the ultimate solution to humanities woes

    bless ya

  8. leah,
    messiah or not he was a remarkable figure......

    and you could expect to feel kinship, couldnt you? you come from the same persecuted people, you are of the same faith, you celebrate the same holy days, you both studied in jerusalem!

    i dont know the protocol but i doubt it is appropriate to wish you a happy passover? and has passover finished?

    count the days my dear!

  9. suze,
    did i say jeazzzzzz?

    sorry. it's a big question, that one!

    of course i made the eggs

    in another life.

    i'm so glad you feel the care of the great Life Giver and i wish you Life, full and wonderful Life.


  10. bob
    now that i have thought of such a nice blessing i wish you Life, too!
    abundant & joyful Living



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