Friday, 10 April 2009

A Walk of Sorrows

In church today we were given black ribbons to wear, a reminder of our own ties to Jesus' walk to the cross. A walk of sorrows.

We were reminded that when we face personal walks of sorrow, whatever form they might take, we have an example in that most famous of condemned prisoners and I think the lessons bear repeating.

Jesus (or the softer Aramaic, Yeshua) accepted his suffering. We spend so much energy railing against our sorrows, against injustice and pain but if it is unavoidable we are better served by putting that energy into coping or even growing through the bad times.

Jesus prayed through that most agonising of walks.

Even in His suffering Jesus was concerned for others. I always think that if we can give any focus to others it prevents that ugly self absorption that is so abhorrent. It also can remind us of our blessings and remembering our blessings will make any cross a little easier to bear.

Finally, Yeshua forgave. Forgiving is freeing. Forgiving restores relationships. Forgiving dulls pain. Forgiving allows us to move forward. Forgiving keeps us gentle and sweet instead of hard and bitter.

In that walk to the cross Jesus showed himself to be a big man. A man of grace, of courage and of strength and beauty. I'll wear my black ribbon as a call to reflect some of the luminosity of my Christ.


  1. That is really beautiful, a really profound lesson for Good Friday, Kylie. I'll make sure Sarge comes to read it too.

    And it is definitely customary to wish a Jew a "Happy Pesach." Thanks for your reply to my comment below. You perfectly expressed my kinship with Jesus.

    and here's a wish for peaceful reflection and prayer over the weekend.


  2. A great post, Kylie.

    Best Easter wishes,


  3. I reflect on Jesus' example daily, but each year our family stops and relives the Easter Week events in our conversation, deeds, prayers. What an amazing love. What an example. He supplied no mere list of instructions . . . He walked it, endured it, willingly died for it. I stand and weep at each of my own hesitant steps in the journey.

    This day the skies are grey and "weeping." We gather and pray . . . we remember and weep . . . we arise and rejoice to be saved by a love so great.

    Easter blessings to you and all the friends that gather here at the well to share and chat and laugh and cry. You have an amazing cyber-spot, my sweet friend Kylie. I am blessed to have found welcome some time ago. God bless you . . . all!

    XO ~~ Debbie

  4. Three dear friends have already spoken, so what do I have? Nothing really. I love you Kylie. You know that. Debbie said it all.

    I love you darling,

    P.S. Happy Easter

  5. deb,
    it's saturday here now but yesterday was the first Good Friday in a very long time that the skies weren't grey

    thanks for your encouraging words and i hope your Easter is a good one

    i'm off on a few days break by the sea. i hope i will be checking in but if not don't despair.....

    I WILL BE BACK!!!!

  7. Oh. My. God. You'll be back!? I love you darling. Hope you're having a lovely weekend with the "crew."


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