Monday, 13 April 2009

utopians away

well, this is how it goes with the utopians at a theme park:
the girls, eager consumers of junk and junk culture chatter excitedly "can we go there?"
"can we do that?"
"can you buy.......?"
"next i'm going to ........"

dimples is afraid of the rides and tries to be quietly bored. his dad, having paid good $$$ for this will make sure everyone has a good time, if they have to be dragged by the (shaggy) hair.
dimples doesn't want to pretend and gets cranky, dad gets crankier. mum, on holidays and at peace with the world follows, laughing at the insanity of it all. liam laughs with mum and rides the rollercoasters with dad

how capitalism enriches families!


  1. It could be worse... you could be in Texas with Leah's MIL.

  2. Just Bob is so right.

    This was a hilarious little slice of a day at holiday!

  3. Kia ora Kylie,
    When I was a uni student back in the states I worked in a theme park for 5 summers. It was so interesting to be on the other side of that and observe the families who were going to have a good time come hell or high water. We used to have more than a few laughs.
    I don't know how much I learned though as my patience levels in such places would not be too good. Selfish eh! Hope you a lovely Easter.

  4. Hi Kylie,

    That's funny, but I've had days like that too. Oh my!

    Best wishes,


  5. I always knew I would have been happier if I'd had more kids...

  6. No kids. Went on the roller coaster ride on the Santa Cruz board walk and nearly freaked out 20 years ago. My head was whipping every which way but lose. Dimples, I hear ya brotha. Those rides are SO unkind. Here honey, let's go find a chair and watch the tide! Mom and Dad can have fun doing whatever the hell they're doing.

  7. Hey you, it's Robyn's birthday today. Get off your lazy ass on the stupid ride and make an effort. You're a day late!!! *Steps in back of the bar to make a drink that will kick Kylie's poor socks off: 1 part tomato juice, 2 parts celery, 5 parts vodka. Walks away muttering, "That should do it."*

    Go to her blog or mine to leave a remark. I wasn't able to put a post up at the Wild Onion because of Megan's cleaver post! (Go Megan!)

    Hope the vacation is continuing to be a complete success. See you back home soon.


  8. suze,
    i dont go on stupid rides either!
    i hate the rides and i hate the parks
    a bloody mary would be very nice right now and it counts as health food, right?

  9. bob,
    it was worse. i just spared ya

  10. robb,
    my patience in those places is terrible. i actually spat the dummy quite spectacularly one day.
    not selfish, grounded. eh


  11. skeeter!
    we all do it, dont we?
    it'as a special kind of insanity

  12. megs!
    you dont know what youre missing


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