Friday, 17 April 2009

away on holidays i learned

  • i have a child who checks under the couch cushions in a new place, looking for loose change
  • i remembered that i have a (different) child who checks every vending machine for forgotten change
  • i have a child who checks mummys wallet for change
  • my kids do actually have a little discernment: they preferred the wildlife sanctuary to the theme parks. they also preferred the tropical fruit plantation. thank heavens.

ps: i have one australian flag hat pin and a handful of postcards so gimme a shout if you want one. first in , best dressed and all that


  1. Did they check the wildlife sanctuary for loose change?

  2. these days nothing surprises me, bob

  3. I mailed your postcard today. So I think I should get one back.


  4. Kylie hope you had a good weekend.
    Mark is itching to start painting but the weather has been a bit cool and then the weather guys keep saying it's going to rain.

  5. hi jo!
    i can feel Marks frustration about the weather. we keep getting just enough rain to keep the washing (paint) damp !
    meantime he has a good excuse to put his feet up :)
    it'll be lovely when it's all done. make sure to post some more pics, eh?



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