Sunday, 19 April 2009

Guys & Dolls

Yesterday I headed into the city, to the Capitol, a lovely old theatre that languished run-down and forgotten for many years and was restored some years back.
I met a group of friends to catch the 1.05 train, they must h ave all been pretty keen 'cos I was the last to arrrive at 12.55pm.
I had spent some time playing dress-ups and was most pleased with my full length purple satin (ex-bridesmaid) skirt, tangerine twin set and turquoise heart choker. A scarf my Dad had given to (his MIL) my Nanna was a nice little ssentimental touch tied on my handbag.
The walk from station to theatre was fast, they surely were in a hurry, this lot.
We arrived with about 20 minutes to spare and I took off on a hunger busting mission with my sister 'Na. We found some rather delectable quiche florentine & salad and talking was banned as we stuffed our famished faces. The accompanying Coke and ginger beer were smuggled back for in-show refreshment.

The show was great, some of Australia's biggest show-biz names took starring roles, there were some funny moments, some fabbo music and some exciting dance routines.

A coffee at intermission had to be slurped down hurriedly after too much dilly-dallying round the souvenir trap and a quick trip to the littlest room.

Then back to the theatre for the sexy bit and the happy ending.

When I got home I had a call from a cousin I haven't spoken to in a long time. She's mad as a two bob watch but talking to her feels, in a sense, like coming home.

Minestrone by moi and herb muffins by my gorgeous girls topped off a lovely day!


  1. mad as a two bob watch

    Love it. Thanks for the smile.

  2. This post had it all--a detailed description of a fab outfit, food talk, and a sexy pic. Kylie, I thank you.

  3. Glad to see you enjoyed yourself. Sounds as if you all had a great time.

  4. Sweet! I'm so glad you enjoyed your day.

  5. Loved this post, Kyles...enjoyed your day with you!!


    email should be in my profile, if not, give me a shout, k.

  6. leah
    we definitely love all the same things!

  7. hi jo!
    hows the weather there?
    it keeps raining on my nearly dry washing and i'm about fed up!

  8. cece, hi
    yep, it was one of the better ones :)

  9. gig!
    hi & thanks & take care :)

  10. How do i give you my email address without everyone knowing it.

  11. Our weather is glorious although they say it is going to change after Thursday. Mark is having thursday off to try to start doing some painting but the forecast is for rain for Friday and is worried it would ruin the painting.

  12. jo, send one to me

  13. sounds absolutely fabulous

  14. Definitely sounds like fun. You know a few spoonfuls of minestrone sure sounds good right now. It would really hit the spot.

    Best wishes,



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