Thursday, 23 April 2009

A few Snaps

I took these photos while we were on holidays and since I don't have anything better to talk about I thought you might like a wee squizz.

An Aussie icon.
Koalas are struggling a bit due to habitat destruction and chlamydia, of all things.

Keeping out of the rain.

Not a pouring, bucketing kind of rain, just a mild drizzle. Or maybe they just like sitting in human shelters?

A gorgeous scented ginger.
I have never seen one of these before but we have a yellow one in the back yard.

Took this picture with the aim of identifying the tree but it doesn't seem to matter now.........

Ducks are just cute, aren't they?


  1. Looks as you had a nice break. I'm listening to Helen practising for a technical exam with french horn(scales and a study piece) for v.c.e. She is getting annoyed with herself because she thinks she is playing badly. I said it sound really good to which she made a face and is sulking about it. I think we have a temperamental musician on our hands.

  2. the old artistic temperament, eh?
    it's not always easy to live with.
    tell her that sounding bad in practice is ok. you practice to get better!

  3. Cool pics. I didn't see any koalas or kangaroos when I was in Boston.

  4. No, but it would have been wicked cool if I had.

  5. would it make you feel better if i said i was in a wildlife sanctuary?
    and it cost something like $120 to take the whole family in there?

  6. and bob, i'm off to the land of nod so i'll catch ya tomorra.
    actually, later today

  7. Oh how I have enjoyed this fun jaunt with you. I have seen that tree with those prominent pods before. I reaaly would liek to know its name. Please do find out and let me know. Koalas are the cutes little things -- it's gotta be those fuzzy ears. : D

    Thanks for the smile . . . I sorely needed one today, my friend.

  8. Great pictures but you are going to have to tell us about the Koala bears getting Chlamydia.

  9. The tree is very interesting. Nice pics, Randy! I mean Kylie. ;p

  10. Thanks for sharing! The wildlife around here is of a distinctly different variety.

    I like yours better.

  11. I didn't see a koala in Brooklyn either, Bob. I did see a squirrel though!

    These are really neat. What does the scented ginger smell like? Gingery?

    And I'm off to procrastinate by googling koalas and chlamydia!

  12. hi debbie
    hi shifester
    hi cece
    hi suzy
    hi megs
    hi leah
    to answer your q leah, the ginger didnt smell at all gingery but sweet ,maybe like a gardenia ?


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