Saturday, 25 April 2009

these days it seems that all i tell you is that i have nothing to tell you. it is most frustrating. what has happened to me? have i said all i have to say? have i changed my ideas of what constitutes a post? is it because i haven't been listening to much radio of late, therefore cutting myself off from possible inspiration?

this week has been an odd one. i have worked less than usual and then there is the matter of those overseas visitors. they're not staying at our place, they don't need to and there would be no room but their presence in our fair city has caused some changes to the regular routine.

constant showers have meant that getting washing dry has been a bit of an issue. i could just get a dryer and finish the hassle but i know that once got one i would find it totally irresistable. i would put anything and everything in the dryer and i don't want to do that. the shunning of a dryer is my one sacrifice in the name of the environment. i know i'm being silly, i know i could get one and use it judiciously but on this i will just be pig-headed.
while preparing for our little jaunt away a couple weeks back i realised (or remembered, to be exact) that i didn't have an overnight type bag. i have generally shared a suitcase with hubby and/or kids but a suitcase isn't always the thing to have is it? so imagine how pleased i was when i went to get a few groceries in aldi this week and they happened to have gym bags on sale for (wait for it) $13!
i even managed to get a pink one. it will be just the thing for next weekend when i'm off to spend a couple of days with friends from my college days. i'm rather looking forward to it.
well, that's about enough about nothing for now
catch ya!


  1. HI kylie,
    I know how you feel. I often look and then can't think of any thing interesting to say. I think to myself my life is so hum drum. What overseas visitors do you have there?
    We don't have a dryer either. I thought we were the only people without one. I tell them i have a solar dryer. The clothe lines.
    Our shopping centre has just opened an aldi a couple of months ago. Mark bought an ipod there. Apart from that time i forget to go and have a look.

  2. Seemed like plenty of info, I thought.

    What are you and the old college buds going to do? Just hang out? Or are there specific festivities planned? Either way sounds fun to me.

  3. hi jo,
    kent's uncle & his wife are here from malaysia, along with another two couples. they are leaving today but have been staying in the city and kent has been ddriving them here and there in a rented mini bus.
    aldi products are pretty good and they dont have a whole lot of choices so it's good for me because i dont get tempted to try a million different things. their specials are usually very very good.
    the pest is that you cant get eevrything there so you still need to go to coles or whatever

  4. megs!
    yeah it's plenty if you really wanted to know about my washing and my new bag!
    ange ( who lives in sydney, like me) and i will meet up and drive to orange (3.5 hours) where we'll stay the night and hopefully do a little bit of something nice: shopping? lunch? i dont know
    then we'll head to D's farm, another hour on. we'll spend the afternoon ahanging out and go to see D's son perform in the local production of Oliver, spend the night on the farm and head back to sydney around lunch time.
    we have been hoping to get together for some time and didnt get round to it but we thought that Oliver was a good reason to get ourselves going.
    there will be a load of driving but it will be nice. i have seen both of the girls at various times but we havent all been together for a long time

  5. Kia ora Kylie,
    And just like that you suddenly have a post! Kia kaha on avoiding the dryer. Have a fantastic weekend.

  6. hi robb!
    most generous of you to call it a post :)


  7. Kylie,
    We are now getting your rain. They say it is for the rest of the week and is expected to fill some of the reservoirs. Simba our cat has just been sitting on the computer desk staring at me to feed him and also is sitting on the mouse so i can't publish. I'm back now. He is now happy with some dinner.

  8. You had more to say than I have lately. Maybe I should do some laundry.

  9. I have nothing to say about nothing. Go to visit The wild onion.

  10. Sounds like a fun programme!

  11. Hi Kylie,

    We have a clothesline too and use it whenever we can. Unfortunately here in Oklahoma, the dust comes sweeping down the plain along with the wind, so you have to choose the days carefully to dry the clothes outside. Still they smell so much fresher when they dry out there, you know?

    Best wishes,



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