Monday, 11 May 2009

it's competition time

i have a book full of photos of sydney. it looks to me just like a tourism advertisement, which is both good and bad if you know what i mean.

tell me why you want the book, tell me why you should have it, tell me what you would do with it or just generally suck up.

also, tell me ten things you would love to do in sydney

be creative

there will be a vote for the winner because i just want everybody to win and choosing is torture

entries close when i decide i want them to. i'll give you notice.



  1. Please, please give the book to Suzy because she never wins anything.

  2. Special,

    Well, here's my list of things to do in Sydney...

    1 - Go and see Kylie
    2 - Buy a minivan and go around Sydney in it with Kylie
    3 - Climb the bridge, with Kylie
    4 - Go to the area of the club for Priscilla, with Kylie
    5 - People watch on Manly, with Kylie
    6 - Go rollerblading, with Kylie
    7 - Pretend to be Kath and Kim with Kylie
    8 - Sing and dance to Kylie Minogue by Mrs Macquarie's Chair, with Kylie
    9 - Wear silly hats, with Kylie
    10 - Play a didgeridoo (spelling??), with Kylie

    And what would I do with the book? Hmm, dunno, maybe read it or look at the pretty pictures.....

  3. I want the book because you are the most gorgeous blogger woman in the world.

    If I visited Sydney I would love to:

    1. Eat
    2. Eat
    3. Eat
    4. Eat
    5. Eat
    6. Eat
    7. Eat
    8. Eat
    9. Eat
    10. Sleep

    Do I win?

  4. all excellent entries!

    thank you

    you gave a good laugh


  5. These are great!

    But I'll have to come back and see if I can do as well...

  6. Take a walk along along Oxford Street.
    See where Marcus Einfeld lives or used to.
    Walk across the Sydney Cricket Ground.
    Have a riot of a race along the beach at Bate bay.
    Ride the Manly Ferry on a wild day with the big'uns rollin' in through North and South head.
    Eat at The Boatshed.
    Eat at Doyle's in Warsons Bay.
    Pray and meditate in the Naval Chapel on south Head.
    Spend a night in Kirribilli House and Admiralty House.
    Eat at a Neil Perry place.
    Listen to the New World symphony by Dvorak in the Opera House played by the Sydney Symph
    Walk on the glass floor high above sydney at Sydney Tower.

  7. ah yes, the boatshed..........

  8. i want the book, cause one can never have enough books.

    1. i want to have sex in a public place in sydney.
    2. i want to take naked pictures of myself in public places. see kylies falling down knickers. throw rocks at surfers shark fin soup see the goldies i met in indo throw poop at monkeys learn more about the rugby player group sex scandle prank call kylies work ten times a day make fun of fat american tourists...

  9. iv
    has the group sex thing made the news over there ?????
    thats amazing

    youre too funny, you know

  10. Inner Voices appears to have a lot of outer oe overt voices.

  11. I should win the book because I'm poor, and because college and car insurance will cost too much when my boys become teenagers, so I must start saving money now and I will never be able to afford a trip to Sydney. Therefore, I need a book to look at and dream about it instead. Oh and did I mention the fact that I'm too poor to go and buy it myself? All my money goes to my kids.

  12. Okay, everybody move the hell on over because the winner is here.

    1. Because Bob says so.
    2. Because I say so.
    3. Because I love Sidney.
    4. Because I'm an Australian at heart.
    5. Because I read the Thorn Birds when I was 18 and fell deeply and madly in love with Father de Bricassat. DOES ANY ONE HERE KNOW WHO FATHER de BRICASSAT IS? No. I'm afraid not. Everyone, just move outta my way. That alone catapults me to first place. Trust me.
    6. You want more? Oh Jeasus.
    7. Because I can still wear a bathing suit on a Sidney beach and not be kicked off. Maybe. Well...that's stretching it.
    8. Because I love men. So does Kylie. I think I deserve to win just for that!!!
    9. Because I'm almost to 10.
    10. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm. I don't know. Because I deserve it?

    XO :)

    P.S. Kylie, too much fun.


  14. you can enter anything you want


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