Sunday, 10 May 2009

A prayer for Mother's Day

Creator God,
Give me the patience and wisdom to truly know my son.
To be present for him through all of life’s joys and trials.
To understand his desires and needs.
To love him fully, yet allow him to live his own life.
And when I grow weary, I surrender this work of parenting to you.
Renew my spirit so that I might begin each day as the first.

Lynn L. Caruso

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  1. a beautiful prayer from a loving mom!!!
    love & ((hugs))

  2. Hey Special,

    Lovely prayer - it's weird, because here in the UK, we celebrate Mother's Day in March, but surely every day should be a day to celebrate mothers everywhere? (not forgetting fathers and all family members - they are all very special)

    Love ya hun,

    Peej xxxx

  3. Hey darling. Happy Mother's Day. You're a good mom hon. You are.

    I love you,


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