Friday, 8 May 2009

You might remember my questions about mothering/parenting. I thought I would post my thoughts on the subject in honor of Mother's Day on Sunday.

What do you like most about being a Mum?
My favourite thing about being a Mum is watching the kids develop. It is like a constantly opening flower.
I am amazed at what they are that I'm not and I'm pleased as punch when they are the things I am. I am delighted that they got to be athletic even though I'm klutzy. I am amazed at Liam's musicianship when I found music a chore. I love it when they do well at spelling, one of my schooltime fortes and I nearly jumped for joy when Liam nominated my favourite, science, as his favourite subject.
I love the way Dimples is sensitive to social justice issues. His concern exceeds that of many adults and I wonder if he will become the crusader I wished I was but never quite became.
I nearly fainted once when the Princess watched a little girl parade past us in a ghastly get-up and turned to say "That's just wrong"and I adore the Tomboy's casual approach to life. ( not to mention that it makes her easy to deal with in a house full of "artistic temperaments")
I suppose I'm just endlessly fascinated with them.

What do I find most difficult about being a Mum?
I don't like to be unpopular, which is part of the job description. Fortunately I haven't needed to be unpopular too often because they are generally pretty sensible kids but all the same, it's not easy.
I also struggle to be consistent, being easy and tolerant when I'm happy and stress free, cranky as all get out when I'm not.

What advice would I give to the mother of a toddler?
My favourite advice, which nobody ever listens to is: s/he will go to the toilet when ready and not before so save yourself the bother about toilet training.
A cranky, whiny or otherwise difficult child probably needs a good sleep.
You can't make a kid into what you want them to be.
Don't get too over earnest or serious about it all. If you love them to bits you don't need to over think.

Happy nearly Mother's Day!


  1. Hi Kylie,
    Yes i agree with a lot of your favorite things about motherhood.
    I know what you mean about feeling proud. just tonight Helen went for a piano accompaniment with her French Horn. The lady playing the piano said to me you must be so proud of having a daughter who plays the French Horn so well. This is for her v.c.e. unit 1 exam next Friday. Mind you this lady can really play the piano so well that as Helen says it embellishes her playing.
    The last 2 tuesday nights i have been going into work to do a food handlers course. Work paid for the course. we had to do a written assesment as well and send this back into the course facilty. We are told we will pass but I think we get graded with the written test part. know in about a weeks time.
    I'm feeling much better today especially as it's friday.

  2. This really resonates with me. Although I just got through yelling a little bit at Hedgehog because she was being difficult about what she wanted for I'm temporarily not feeling like the best mom in the world...but it'll pass, like all difficult parenting moments.

    Your advice to parents of a toddler is still salient for the mom of an 8-year-old (except for the part about the toilet training, which is correct--but no longer an issue anyway, lol).

  3. hi jo, hi leah
    i just want to tell you i read your comments and i'll be back tomorrow



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