Wednesday, 6 May 2009

the day that was

  • work forgot to pay the bills and we had no internet this morning. it doesnt matter to me, i dont use it, but really? duh
  • my friend's cat died. no direspect to poor ben, he was a nice cat but in this house we killed ourselves talking about how he went through the pearly cat flap
  • i'm off to the dentist tomorrow. yay
  • we have acquired a mouse, george. we didnt get him today but i thought it would fit in this post. george is gold. and diabolically cute


  1. ...the "pearly cat flap" is priceless, there a "pearly dog door" too? But somehow it doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

    Is George an actual pet or just a visiting varmint?

  2. i am sure there is a pearly dog door. we thought about that but the cat flap was just too funny!
    george is an actual pet belonging to miss tomboy caitlin
    the visiting varmints are known as "those bloody mice"

  3. I get that call from Liam every couple months. Because he only calls me when he can't get on the internet...

  4. How could you work not pay their Internet bills?
    I have sore feet aching back and physically tired tonight. Helen has gone to do open night at school and staying with a friend.
    Mark has kindly said "go and look at your blogs for while". I started to look at suze's blog then on to you when he says are we having an early dinner or a late one. Hint Hint for me to start dinner. arrh! I just can't win can I.

  5. megs,
    can i call you when i cant get on the internet?

  6. hi jo,
    how are you today?

    did a good sleep do the trick or do you need a wee holiday?

    i would have told mark it was late dinner. the problem with that is washing up late. blech!

    have a lovely weekend


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