Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I mentioned that we finished our little jaunt at the farm..........
It was looking greener this weekend than I have seen it in a long time.
This is part of the view from the dining table.

The front paddock.

It feels almost like home when I stand under this tree.

This vine adorns the handrail of the ramp to the backdoor

Setting Sun

It was the dream of my mate Dee and her husband to own a farm. They sold their hard won assets and bought this place eight years ago. They have been plagued by fire and by flood, by drought and by old and failing equipment. They have suffered anxiety and accident and drought. they have faced depression and financial hardship. And drought.

It has been heartbreaking to watch but I was delighted that this time they were "up". It is still dry but some rain has come, their ties to community are stronger and they are buoyed just a little by hopes of success with new farming methods. It is exciting stuff: more wholistic, gentler to the earth, maybe less work and ultimately more productive.

I hope it goes well.

A boy's treasures


  1. Just Bob,
    Just as a matter of interest to you hopefully Australian indiginous trees are evergreen never changng their colour in the dramatic way trees in Europe and North america do. So in Oz green leaves turning to a dramatic red or yellow happens with exotics imported from Europe or North America generations ago. The huge variety of species in the genus,eucalyptus and others, do change colour but it's not dramatic and usually drop to ground when the colour change occurs.

    Autumn is the word Australians use for fall though we use fall to help Americans and Canadians out.

  2. Learn something new every day.

    Hi Kylie.

  3. Best of luck to them with the farming!

    I missed a couple posts, must go back a bit...


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