Monday, 4 May 2009

Paranoia and Fences

I took a wee road trip on the weekend. I finished work early on Friday and joined up with my friend Ange for the trip over the Blue Mountains. The early winter sun warmed the car and the traffice was reasonable as we chatted our way west.

We arrived at the hotel and I, being in holiday mode, decided to try the "Mother" energy drink in the fridge. Not for a second did I consider that mid-evening might be a bad time to try it. We went out and had a very pleasant meal at one of Orange's many pubs: Hotel Canobolas. After going back to our digs for the evening Ange was flagging but I was w-i-d-e awake. Around 1am I started to get anxious. I worried about having the wrong clothes, I worried about car accidents and flus and heart attacks. I dreamed that there was a nuclear war and I worried about being worried. Yep, "Mother" is a mother of a drink all right. I finally settled at 4am. Never again will I drink energy drinks after midday!

After all of that I was surprisingly happy to wake at about 7 and went for a stroll round the block. I took photos of anything that took my eye. It looks like I have a fence fetish.................?

We wandered the shops, oohed and aahed over pretty trinkets, played dress ups, drooled over know the kind of thing.
After that we headed out to the farm to see Dee. It is a long time since we three college buddies were all together. Finally the trio was complete and it was good.


  1. Your fence is a little more ornate than my temporary fencing surrounding temporary fencing.

  2. Beautiful pictures!!! I love the fencing that caught your eye. So beautiful, and the flora is pretty too.

    I don't dare drink energy drinks, they scare me. I don't take meds of any kind, so for me, it would be like liquid crack. God only knows what trouble I'd get into!!

  3. Hi kylie!

    Looks like you had a great 'time out'- lovely pics.

    Sorry i havn't been in touch- explanations on my blog etc

    see ya soon!

  4. Dear Kylie,
    Nice to hear you had great day..
    good fences anyway :)
    love & ((hugs))

  5. I could create all that fencing because I know how to weld!!! What? Of course I'm laughing. I just wrote down below. God, am I late, or what? You know how hard I try Kylie.

    First, the trip sounds wonderful. Wow. Take me next time. Second, the fence photos are absolutely beautiful. I love fences. Not so much Bob's fence surrounding temporary fencing, but pretty stuff! And third, I don't think you're a good canidate for energy drinks. I'm with Karen on this one!

    I love you darling and thanks for the posts. Both are just lovely. I'm so glad you found time to get away from your everyday life and enjoy your friends and surroundings. And also for sharing your experience with all of us. What fun!!! Now get back to work and clean that damn house woman!

    P.S. And like everyone else, I'm amazed it's Autumn. How in the hell does that happen? *Well Suzanne, once upon a time God created the Heavens and earth...*

  6. bob
    i think this is old fencing surrounding old housing!

  7. karen
    i dont take meds either so maybe it was liquid crack

    i am familiar with caffeine but this was something else!!

  8. cinnamon
    good to see you

    take care and we'll see you make a full return to the blog soon

  9. suze
    i thought you would like these posts.
    fave pic?


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