Sunday, 3 May 2009

Paranoia and Pictures

Before I start on the events of the last few days, Suzanne wanted to know about my birthday: My two little sweeties gave me handmade cards; the first read "Now you are officially old", the second: "You are ancient".
Oh, and there were lots of "I love you Mummy"s, "Happy Birthday"s and xxxxxxxs.
Dimples wishes me a loud and prompt Happy Birthday and Liam was preoccupied with a heavy load of school work.
At work we had the traditional, company supplied morning tea. This time there were five choices, which was record breaking. There were sausage rolls, Danish pastries, a scrumptious butter cake, custard tart and a custard pastry scroll thingy.
During the day I developed a very slight temperature and then noticed a red mark on my foot, close to the site of a very minor cut. Somehow I decided that this was all a very bad sign, that I might be developing a hideous infection that would threaten my weekend away.
After work we went to the local pub for dinner. The Thursday night special is $10 pizza or pasta. I had a Spaghetti Boscaiola, the girls had teeny "kids steaks" and the boys had pizzas. The other half had a seafood risotto. It was all marvellous but I was feeling chilly and worrying about the serious illness I didn't have so the meal was followed by a trip to the local medical centre. The duty doctor very kindly didn't howl with laughter but assured me I was fine and I immediately got better.Of course!
And that, my friends, was the tip of the iceberg for my paranoid imaginings for the week..........
more chat about the weekend is to come but here are a couple of
pictures from the main street of Orange, in the Central West region of

Many, many, many, many thanks to you for birthday wishes:)
I have to toddle off to bed now and I'll be round to read your stuff tomorra


  1. I always find that a trip to the local pub makes me feel better too! Great pics Kyles. Are the trees always that color or is it because it's fall down there?

    Happy Sunday/Monday/whenever the heck it is now!

  2. Oh yeah... FIRST and SECOND.

  3. hey bob!
    it's fall colour and it's pretty special for this sydney girl. sydney just isn't cold enough for much colour, there are a few pretty golds and reds but most of sydneys trees remain green all year round


  4. Call me naive, but it never, ever ceases to amaze me that you and I have our seasons opposite of one another. Really. Amazing.

  5. Glad to hear you are well from the illness that you never had! Infections are right up my alley. I know that was seriously a bad line. Hope you have a great week.

  6. Lovely autumn colours. Glad you had a good weekend.
    Helen and I went to see Billy Elliott the musical. The tickets were Helen's birthday present back in February. We had good seats although Helen couldn't see the orchestra but she was happy.

  7. hey leah!
    i can live with the spring/fall thing but when i'm sweltering i just find it inconcievable that it's freezing in other parts!

  8. hi cece!
    you might have been more paranoid, knowing all the posibilities as you do

  9. hi jo!
    how was billy elliot? i thought it would have been really good.
    glad you had fun

  10. Hi Kylie,

    Handmade cards sound like fun. Wow, what a story.

    Best wishes,


  11. HI HONEY!!! Happy Birthday. Again! Thanks for this one. Now I'm hungry. I think if all of us got together we'd do one really important thing. Eat!!! I like the idea of eating at a pub. I've never eaten at a pub.

    What a beautiful day you had. I love your kids. Aren't they special, oh "Ancient" one. That's too funny. And handmade cards. That's really special.

    *Suze stumbles around at almost 2 am looking for a freakin' slice of pizza.*



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