Friday, 26 June 2009

bad day

yesterday i realised my car's brakes were dodgy so today i didnt want to drive it. lucky for me my friend who went to scotland left her car here. "i'll drive that" i thought.

i got a few blocks and the kill switch killed it. didnt know there was a kill switch. found kill switch. drove on. e-tag is in my car. pay toll in cash. toll booth wont let me through. find another dollar. i am now paying $5 to go to work.

finish work. cant start car. think it's the immobilizer. cant figure out how to fix it. jump out. lock car. unlock. start over. repeat. and repeat. and repeat. car miraculously starts.

go to shops for a quick errand. car wont start. try the whole jump out scenario. still wont start. call brother for technical advice. i've already tried all his ideas. call home. ask to use second immobilizer thingy down phone. it locks and unlocks car but car still wont start. liam runs about 3km to bring second set of keys. still wont work. call hubby who is not happy. wait for hubby. mr fixit cant start it either.

call road service. "this is not my car, can you come anyway?"

"the car is covered, a mechanic will be with you within the hour"

mechanic arrives

declares dead battery

uses two batteries to jump start heavy diesel engine

kylie nearly kisses mechanic

arrives home 3 hours after leaving work



  1. Kylie,

    I find it fascinating that it took two batteries to start Jock's "car".
    Indicates to me either there is a greater underlying problem or the electrical system is different and is not a 12v system as is the norm these days.

    Also why did the battery deteriorate in that time?

    Yes Gaaaah!

  2. the battery is very old and very dead and a diesel is hard to start.
    it just died on my day. YAY

  3. Hmmmm . . . something must be going around these days. I see it makes no difference which hemisphere you're in. ; )


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