Thursday, 25 June 2009

love fest

hi there
when i woke up and checked blogdom this morning (some 15 hours ago) i noticed that Mr C over at "The thoughts of a special needs teacher" had a rather excellent post up. as i went about my morning it was on my mind to pimp him a little and i went back to leave a comment only to find that in the interim he had, in fact, written a post pimping me! it was beginning to look like a love fest, which by the way, yields some interesting results when you do a google image search

now, i had really hoped to write a theme thursday post but i am getting a bit short of time given that we only have 75 minutes of thursday left in this part of the world and i would rather like to be in bed before that. i still need to shower and tidy the kitchen so i reckon i'm pushing it just a tad and in the middle of a wet and cold sydney winter i'm not too inspired about summer
i think if one was to have any real kind of a love fest summer would be the time, though, dont you? i mean, you know,
the sun,
the flimsy fashions,
the mangos (sexy or what?),
the seafood (oysters!),
the beach..............................


  1. summer and love go well together. all the heat i believe. enjoy your last few minutes of the day.

  2. Dear Kylie,
    Enjoy your 'love fest'..
    talk to you soon..
    Noah is up.
    love & ((hugs))

  3. Those were some incredible photos!

  4. Mangos? I know about the oysters (ugh!) but mangos? Cool snaps! And shiver me timbers on the last one!!

  5. Quite an interesting post! :)

  6. Mangos taste good chopped up in Pico De Gallo. Add a plum in it and wow! Great summer salsa, I suppose I should make that for The Wild Onion Picnic.


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