Tuesday, 9 June 2009

g'day :)
I still have a touch of flu, well actually, the whole flu thing has gone and left a cough. The thing is every time I cough I feel like some bit of my innards is going to explode through my groin (TMI?)
It really hurts, so if anyone knows what thats about, gimme a shout.

In a lovely twist on the never-rains-but-it-pours phenomenon my life this week is full of special people I rarely see.
My uncle and his wife and my cousin are here from New Zealand; my good friend Dee, who lives in the country, is passing through Sydney tomorrow on the way to see her in-laws in Scotland and another great friend, Di, who i went to school with, is also passing through Sydney, a long way from her home in LA ( i hope it's LA, i get mixed up with some places in the US)

Tonight we went out for dinner with my uncle and his mob (I'm trying to figure out if I should use their names here)
It was really good. My cousin, Steph, is a real trooper. Her wee boy George had such a long day, he was so tired and in her position I would have been frantic on his behalf but she sat and chatted, his Gran was equally gracious as she cared for him patiently and George himself was mostly sociable and adorable to the bitter end.
And Steph came all the way to Australia to meet me! How cool is that? I knew she was coming to meet the family but then I realised that she has met them all but me (We last saw each other as girls of 11 and 9, does that count as having met before?)
She might also have been keen on a holiday but that doesn't sound nearly as flattering, does it?

Anyway, if I'm not around much this week, just know that either my guts have fallen out and I'm in dire straits or I'm having a ball with someone fantastic. Sometime I'll tell you which of the two it was :)


  1. Kylie,
    Thanks for your kind words, they mean alot. I hope you are feeling better, and I hope you enjoy your visit with your family. I too hope that life would get easier, but I suppose I just have to be thankful that I am still alive. I have been reading a book called The Love Dare Book. It is part of the Fireproof series. It talks about was to make your marriage better and possibly become a better person. I am trying to become a better person, and a better spouse, and a better friend, and a better mom. But it is hard. I keep searching my soul to figure out what I am missing and instead of finding it, it seems to just grow blacker. I have never experienced emotions like I am experiencing right now. Some days I find myself wallowing in self dispare and other days I feel ashamed of myself for having so much self pity. Is this depression? I've never been depressed before, so I'm not sure what the signs are. Anyway, thanks again!

  2. Hi Kylie!

    You made me laugh! What else is new--you're one funny chick.

    I sincerely hope the rest of the week will be spent with your innards in check, and you having a rock-n-roll time with your friends.


  3. Hi Kylie- oh I hope you're having a ball and not the former!

    Could it be a hernia???

  4. cece
    i'll mail you when i have a few minutes
    take care

  5. cinnamon,
    there are no lumps and bumps but i did have a hernia repair on the other side when i was a newborn, i wondered if there is an undetected weakness ....
    good news is it hurts much less today

    have a great week

  6. Excuse me for a minute Kylie. Cece I picked up the phone to call you, was dialing, then hung up. I realized the time (around 6:30 your time) and decided not to interrupt family time. I'll call tomorrow while you're at work! Hang in there darling. We all love you. XO

    Hi Kylie,

    Sorry you've had such a rough time of it. I hope you're feeling better soon. And honey, don't you think you should see the doctor about that pain when you cough? Dr. P probably has an opening this week! Don't make me come over there young lady because I'll bring the whole Wild Onion crew with me. (Wow, what fun! Family picnic!!!) ;)

    Speaking of family, yours is remarkable. It sounds as if you all had such a wonderful time. You're a lucky lady.

    Love you darling. Get well soon please. XO

    Hi Leah!
    Hi Cinnamon!

  7. I come here to get to Em's blog. Frankly, I think I come here or go to Cece's blog to get to everyone!!! Yes, it's true. You know my blog roll leaves much to be desired. I took some names off to revamp, have yet to get them back on, and still haven't included about 20 others. It's pathetic, I know.

    Kylie, I just want you to know I try. I really, really do.


  8. Glad it's hurting less.

    Hi Suzanne!

  9. *runs off to avoid the awesome powers of the australian swine flu*

  10. suzy
    i know you are trying

    very trying :)


  11. inner voices,
    zack, mate, here in ausralia we spell women w-o-m-e-n not s-w-i-n-e f-l-u



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