Thursday, 11 June 2009

Priest & Penises

A few days back I decided to scroll through some of the thousands of bloggers who call Sydney home.

Of the hundreds of profiles I glanced over very few held any interest for me. There are hundreds of try-hard photos and a few try hard self-descriptions, there are many more not-trying-at-all profiles, a few slightly witty words and a whole lot of not much.

Another interesting point is that every time I look at a new page the number of Sydney bloggers changes, it might be 150 000 or it might be 78 000 or it might be 128 763. It is one of life's little mysteries, that.

One profile picture that grabbed my attention belonged to a blog called "headline"

The blog is all about circumcision. There are lots and lots of pictures and Mr Headline managed to make me feel quite guilty about the intact state of my boys. Undoubtedly an anti circumcision blog could make me quite sure that their status is the only way to be.
I thought it was all a bit unexpected and weird but at least it wasn't some first time parent writing in the "voice" of their (exceptionally intelligent) baby.

I also came across "Katabasis" , the blog of a New York Jesuit who is spending some time here in Australia. Father David has some good stuff to say so I would encourage you drop by his place and say g'day.


  1. Kia ora Kylie,
    Ha! Never feel guilty about leaving your boys intact. Mine are as well, eventhough I am not. My youngest, Charlie, was in the loo with me one day having a pee as you do, and he finally noticed the difference between us. So I explained to him about the fact I had been circumsised and what that was. He thought about that for a moment and then gave me a big hug and said how that wasn't very fair because no one actually bothered to ask ME how I felt about it being a baby and all. Because if they had, and had I been able to respond I don't think having bits of me chopped off would have been too appealing. This world of blogging is quite strange sometimes. Have a great weekend!

  2. thanks for share. BLUE...nice blog color. See you on my blog also. thanks

  3. Well, of course I'd show up. This is the Wild Onion, right?!!!

    I've never met an uncircumcised guy and that makes me sad because it means all the men in my life never had a choice. They were never asked. You know me, stuff like this hurts my heart. I've thought about it for decades and when I was of child bearing age I told my family and friends "If I have a boy, he will never be circumsised." I just couldn't imagine imposing that pain on a child. It's such a ridiculous procedure and in the Jewish faith, part of their religion. To cause that pain to a baby, in the name of God, or for any reason just blows me away. I have never been able to wrap my brain around it. Thank God you were smart enough to leave your children intact. Good for you.

    No, I'm not going to click on the links. Why? Because you know me. I'm a sissy!!! I'm scared of what I'll see! No! I'm not kidding. And I don't want to meet someone who tries to convince me it's the "right" thing to do. It isn't. Period. It's an act of brutality against a child who has no voice.

    Thanks baby for always making me think. I love you.


  4. Suzanne- it's OK! You can click on the link! It doesn't work!!!

    Ok, I've been rumbled now- my insatiable curiosity got the better of me- and now everyone knows I clicked on the link!

    Thanks for the link to Father David though Kylie- I did find my way there:)

  5. i fixed the link. no need to be scared of it, there are far worse sights at mj's place

  6. robb,
    hi and thanks!
    trends change in these matters and while a good decision should transcend fashion i didnt really anticipate having to revisit this issue.
    blogging is indeed an odd world at times, thats probaly why i love it :)

    have a great weekend & aroha right back

  7. hi bob
    i trust the elopement plans are coming along nicely

  8. suzy,
    thanks to you, too for backing my decision. you are right, of course, if my boys want to get the chop they are still at liberty to do that
    the link works now
    and it's not so scary

  9. cinnamon,
    i was curious first!

  10. the title invoked a different picture...

  11. Cinnamon, you crack me up.

    Kylie, I'm still afraid to look!!! That's too funny. I'm not going to look right now in the event I'm scared for life. I have too much house work and paper work to do and I CAN NOT do it through tears today.

    And you have my 150% support for not nipping your children. I admire you so much. And yes, they can decide for themselves. Now that's absolutely acceptable to me. Get over here and let me give you a big hug and smooch! God your a good woman.

    Hi Ruahines!
    Hi Easytraveler!
    Hi Bob!
    Hi Cinnamon!
    Hi IV!

    Kylie, that was one of the funniest things you've ever come up with!

    Love you XO

    P.S. Hon, I need Em's address. I'm going to start a letter writing campaign. You in? She sounds sad and lonely and needs real snail mail. I told Leah and Bob perhaps we can all pick a day a week or a day a month to write. If we all particiapate we can keep individual costs down. I think she needs us and I hope this crew steps up to the plate. If you have the address please email. If you don't have it please get it from Peter and email. Thanks darling. XO

    P.S. Hope you're feeling a bit better.

  12. Interesting!

    And even weirder, I've got a lot to say on this topic. But I'll boil it down, without looking at the link.

    there is nothing wrong with uncircumcised for non-Jews, and then again, contrary to what I keep hearing lately, nothing wrong at all with circumcised.

    In Judaism, as mentioned above, it is absolutely and finally and completely done. No question. It has been so for a good many (thousands?) of years, with no ill effects (this is according to all my most respected medical sources). Really. Swear to GOD it's not a form of torture.

    For Jews there is no question on this subject, unless they are not going to affiliate with their Judaism.

    Think I feel strongly much on this topic?

  13. Okay, I just had to look at the link. That's a whole lotta penises there! Some of them really quite adorable.

    For me, just to reiterate, it's only a religious question, so it's a moot point. If I were not Jewish, I wouldn't worry about it one way or another, totally fine not to circumcise.

    But I have to stress again my belief that the idea that it's somehow cruel to do so is just a myth.

  14. Myth my ass. A screaming baby isn't a myth. Kylie, you know I love that woman!!! We'll probably vacation in the Adirondacks together one day, but I could wring her freakin' neck on this one. Thousands of years doesn't make it right. It just means it's gone on for thousands of pointless years. Leah, bring your uncircumcised penis over here...we'll have a moyle right now, oh and with no anesthesia. Hurts, doesn't it? Oh sure you'll survive, but does that make it right? NO, OF COURSE NOT.

    YES I LOVE YOU LEAH. NOTHING'S CHANGED. WE JUST DON'T AGREE. Why is that in all caps? That's funny!!! I honestly think boys should have a choice. When they're old enough they should decide for themselves rather than be imposed upon.

    Will we ever agree? No. Why? Because I don't feel circumcision is justified, but I do know your religion comes first and I honor and respect it and you. So let's just bury it right here. But just to make you think at the next moyle...why does cutting off an infants foreskin, and causing that pain, make all the adults in the room feel better?

  15. Boo, you up? I just saw you over on Bob's. I gotta go to bed, but if you're up say "Yey!" Leah and I need Ems address. You got it?

  16. i dont have Em's address but I'll ask PJ
    It's a good thing to do, suze.
    Well done

  17. Hot topic Kylie!

    Although, honestly in the Jewish community, even amongst Reform Jews like me, it's not really debated, except for the times when we come up against gentiles who feel it's barbaric! Och.

    But in general, I would say you'll probably find more support than you'll find approbrium.

    And one last word: they use anaesthetic!

  18. I meant, outside of Judaism, you'll find more support for not circumcising!

    and p.s. we're excited to get some mail to Em!

  19. Leah, get over here. I need a hug!!! God I love you so much. I'm laughing because you're such a dear friend and always make me think. I was just talking to Kylie on my blog and mentioned I was afraid to come back and see what you wrote because you know bigger words! I'll admit, I had to look up "appbrobium," but I'm still not sure how to use it properly in a sentence!

    Anaesthic at a moyle!? Thank God, but as far as I know things haven't changed in hospitals over the past decade. PBS did a piece on circumcision back in the 90's. I actually made myself watch because I was still thinking about having a child. I cried. I'll never forget it. It was on Frontline or something similar. In your honor and to educate myself, I'll Google why circumcision is so important in the Jewish faith, but don't expect me to agree because I won't, but I'll understand. ;)

    ~ The Gentile (Leah, that was very funny!)

    P.S. We are excited to get Em's address, that's for sure, but I just learned Kylie doesn't have it. God this has become a difficult task. Hang in there Hedgie, I can just feel it's going to happen. Maybe. Eventually. Come on, somebody help us out!!! Hey Hedgie, I think when you write you should use crayons or color markers!!! Mommy too. I'm going to. We should bring color and light to Em's life! Even on the envelope. I'm going to. I'll take a photo for you before sending my first snail mail. Get ready because you'll need sun glasses!

    XOXO Love you guys.

  20. p.s. haha on me, hoist by my own petard, because I didn't spell "approbrium" correctly--it's "opprobrium" and it just means criticism or censure!

    oh well. That's what I get for trying to show off my vocab.

    Hi again Kylie!

  21. hey you two!
    i emailed peter about Ems address and i'm sure he'll be answering soon, just after he stops enjoying the London nightlife .....

    as for the circumcision thing, it always seems a bit barbaric to me, anaesthetic or not, but i would never never never ask a jew not to do it. it's just part of the deal, isnt it? inseparable from the faith and the identity

    it's all a bit funny because what i was really getting at in this post was how i couldnt find any profiles to grab my attention! out of 100 000 people only a couple managed to get me to visit their blog

  22. Kylie--I know, I did get the real point you were making, but couldn't help but get sidetracked by the more concrete discussion about circumcision!

    It's funny though, I once or twice browsed blogs like that too and was shocked at the tedium.

  23. penises are just more interesting than tedious blogs, i think!


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