Saturday, 20 June 2009

rainbows followed me everywhere on thursday. they weren't sick, weak, pale, struggling rainbows. they were big, clear, bright arcs of colour and i could swear they were just for me.


  1. They were just for you, dear!

  2. Re Mark's results.
    Blood Pressure monitor says he had very high blood pressure the whole 24hrs - even when sleeping.
    Doctor said not to be doing gym work (i was right) not to do any walking or exercise until his blood pressure comes down. Also changed his medication to have another tablet with the one he is already on.

  3. With love from God. : D

    I've had you in my prayers regarding the infection, as my daughter Lydia has also battled a troubling swelling and infection on her leg. Doc said, "MRSA" but the tests came back negative (for common staph as well). WHEW! I still believe it is a spider bite gone bad. Today HIVES from the antibiotics + sun. It's been a humdinger of a week (maybe month).

    Hope you are on the mend FOR GOOD! enJOY those rainbows. I'd love to see a rainbow -- we've some thunderheads rolling down the mountains. Maybe . . .

  4. OH GOD!!! Three of my favorite ladies are here.

    Hi Leah!
    Hi Jo!
    Hi Debbie!

    Beautiful rainbow. Like you, I just adore them. I've been blessed with quite a few while living here the past 5 years, but they always seem to appear over my neighbor's house. What's up with that? Why should she get all the luck?

    Jo, I wrote to you over on your blog.

    Debbie, hang in there. My friend's dog just died of a spider bite. I love spiders and never kill them, just gently take them outside. But I've had to rethink being so generous. Hummmmmmmmm.

    Debbie did you get a taste of that insane thunder and lightening storm a few weeks ago? Wow. I've never seen anything like it. Not even in NY! That was insane!!!

    Leah...get over here you knuckle head!

    XO to all!

  5. Suzanne,
    It did my heart good to read that you put your spiders gently outside.

    All creatures are there at the behest of The Creator. Surely the function of flies and mosquitoes is easily explained by entomologists. I have a book about insects,really for older young people, probbably teenagers and a a few years younger too. The author says the world would virtually end,ie life, really if insects and spiders were
    made extinct.
    Vive le Obama.

  6. now don't say I never mention you...


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