Wednesday, 17 June 2009

small things amuse small minds, i suppose

by the way, i'm reading all your posts but for once don't have much to say. last week's flu took a toll and the cellulitis is back in my foot. yay, more antibiotics
actually yes, yay for antibiotics or i might not have my foot at all

this is the day that the Lord has made
let us rejoice and be glad in it


  1. Your caption made me laugh, but your kids are adorable.

    I'm sorry you're not feeling up to snuff, Kylie!

  2. Shameless Fanta promoter! :)

    And if I can get This is the Day out of my head in the next day or two, it will be a miracle!

    Hope the drugs work quickly and well.


  3. Your children are dead ringers for their ma!

    Ah get well soon Kylie- are you resting up? Thank God for antibiotics- I hope you are being well looked after by the medics, doing all the right tests etc.

    Here's a song for you...'Lean on me'- Bill Withers.

  4. Cinnamon, get over here and let me give you a hug.

    Kylie, your kids are so beautiful (boys and girls). Now, I do see that the middle one is "holding" his spoon which technically eliminates him, but I'll give him a pass because he's too adorable!

    Feel better soon. Please.

    Love you,

  5. I'm back and catching up on reading. Get better quickly Kyles.

  6. megs!
    i didnt realise i had a sponsor staring me in the face :)

  7. cinnamon,
    i look just like them if i hang a spoon on my nose!

  8. suze,
    the cheater is actually my girliest girl, briony
    and adorable is the word

  9. Whoops! But technically, you know.


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