Monday, 6 July 2009

did i say i'd be back when i had something to say?
well, i still don't but you know how it is with me: i love to blog
so, you get a bit of chatter about the state of my life.
i still have a wee bit of pain in that infected foot and the doc wants a bone scan. he is thinking the infection might have reached the bone and i might need surgery to clean it out. ummm. yeah.
i don't like that idea. i mean, i really don't like it. and the drama continues on that story. stay tuned.......
(oh and by the way, it's not bothering me right now, it's really very minor, it's just what it could become that is a bit of a concern.)

i had a filling today. i hadn't realised just how pathetic i was feeling until the needle beforehand felt like it was almost too much to handle. fortunately the lovely Mark started some chat with his nurse and i was soon frustrated by some of the best conversation going and all while i had a mouth full of instruments!
i have told him before that it's very unfair to do that. he just laughs and says that when the patient really wants to say something their eyes go crazy and he stops. obviously my eyes are the only bit that isn't crazy enough.
i took some soup to a crook friend. she is upset about having a tummy bug that has to be lived through. i told her that now she's up to day 4 that's four that have passed and there can't be too many left. i hope i'm right.

just as i sat here i got a different view of the coffee table. i have a pink cyclamen and a vase with a few jonquils there and from this angle they are together and gorgeous. the silver on the cyclamen just adds to the picture. i'll take a picture for you if i get round to it. who knew a jumbled mess could yield something so sweet?

well, thats all for now
hope you're doin well


  1. Hope your foot gets better. Surgery. Bleeech!

  2. Hiya Kylie. Sorry to hear there might be a problem with the foot - that sucks. You know I keep meaning to ask you - did you ever get your postcard?

  3. Hi Kylie!! Am sorry to hear bout your foot, hope there is no surgery.

    I was over at Suzes tonight and seen something bout TimTams...boy she was on a rant, lol, bout them going everywhere but to her...soooo...I said they were coming to Michigan before Arkansas. Figure we'll keep her going for a while, hehehe.
    Anyways, have missed you, wanted to say hi!!
    Like Megs, I have a collection of postcards to send out...if my Aussie blogging buddy would like one, email your snail mail to me.


  4. megs,
    you told me it was still in your bag because you cant get out of work in post office times
    if you sent it i havent got it

  5. gig!
    funny how suze rants about tim tams! it's not like she never got anything
    lovely to see you here. i'll (e)mail you soon

  6. Dear Kylie,
    Hope and pray for no surgery..
    I'll be crossing my fingers for you dear.
    Please email me your snail mail too.. and em's too I have something for her from my family..
    love u dear
    many ((hugs))

  7. You whine too much! No, just kidding. I just didn't want to type what everyone else said. The photo of the flower is very stunning. AND like everyone else, I hope things get better. Toodles

  8. Foot surgery. Yikes. Hopefully it will get better and you will not need it. Probably thinking about your foot is stealing all of your blogging thoughts. Anyway hope you are doing well and it all works out just the way you want it.

  9. Hope your foot is better...*crossing fingers*. Take care, thinking of you.

  10. yes but then I did actually mail I will email to double check the address...


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