Friday, 10 July 2009

what's for sweets?

that question is the bane of my life. when i first got married and started cooking on a regular basis i promised myself that dessert would be an optional extra. never would i feel obliged to produce a nutritionally unneccessary course all the time. it worked well for a while but then, in a fit of creativity, i made dessert about three nights running. more fool, me because for ever after that it doesn't matter what kind of a day i have had, how busy i am, how tired, how uninspired or how late it is, the question will eventually be asked (add whine for effect) "mum, whats for sweets?"

it is enough to do my head in.

sometimes i just tell them to get a hot chocolate or a biscuit or an ice cream but this week we have none of those things. we dont seem to have anything at all, for some reason , but still the question comes and i have no answer.

it reminds me of the time i put the bins out three weeks running and on the fourth week i was asked why i hadn't done it this week.

never be consistent about something you would rather not become a habit, i tell ya!

ps. thank you all for your best wishes, prayers and crossed fingers for my foot. there is no infection so i'm probably just taking a while to get over a pretty big infection. phew!


  1. Hedgehog's greatest obsession is sweets. She seems to think of nothing else at times...

    I'm glad to hear about your foot! I had missed the last post and had to catch up. Best wishes from me too for a speedier recovery Kylie!

  2. hi bob
    nice to see you here
    i'm having a crappy day, wanna catch a movie?

    (now i sound like blottie)

  3. I'd go to the movies with you in a heartbeat.

    But sitting around eating sweets sounds good, too.

    Be unpredictable this weekend!


  4. But would you go out to a movie with me?

  5. eating sweets and going to the movies are both great, movie megs? then coffee and cake

  6. i hope you two are chatting to each other while you chat to me :)

  7. they must be chatting. they havent come back

    wheres suze?

  8. i'm here... ain't no one chatting with me

  9. you totally cracked me up

    put a shirt on and we'll go

  10. that guy is seriously unwell

  11. one more ice cream cant hurt. what do you want?

  12. Okay, it's official. That's a fun post and as you know I'm not a huge "sweets" fan, but I love pretty photos of sweets!!! Those are pretty! I assume all are from your kitchen? You're a really good cook. WOW! Now if you could only clean like that.

    On to the comment page. What a hoot. Bob's bordering on unhealthy. Has anyone noticed that? Was he able to fit into a seat at the movies or did the staff have to wheel in a "special chair" and place it in the isle? Looks too like we're going to have to let the tux out for the big wedding day or just throw a tent over him. Poor Megan. How's she going to lean over that thing to kiss him? No, not the tent, his belly. I almost want to pop it like a balloon!

    If you take Megs and Bob to the next movie can I tag along? Can I bring a guest? (Leah.) Can she bring a guest? (Hedgie.) Wow, it'll be like a mini family reunion, so bring sweets.

    Love you darling!


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